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Yes, we are that crazy family in the neighborhood, (everyone has one!) that makes a haunted house for the kids every year. The photos don't particularly do the scene justice... we have a smoke machine, with cord going through the window and when kids approach the front door we press the button, plus really scary cd's playing... The flash camera lights up the area, but when we're not snapping pictures, it's a down right scary place!

We've seen kids run away before they ever get to the door, to the delight of my older kids who worked so hard to make a 'haunted house'!

Since it's 95% neighbors, which means we know everyone who comes to our house, the dads that walk the kids up to the door are greeted by my husband who is on the lookout for them!  He greets them with Hobgoblin Beer and Witches Brew (beer) and a good time is had by all!

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