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March 2009
Articles page updated... check it out.

February 2009
New page about a Duckpin Bowling Alley in Nebraska!

December 2008 - For the first time in the 12 years of this can watch me bowl at my league's annual Christmas party. While on YouTube - search "Duckpin/s", there's more than 100 videos now, finally! 

July 2008
This one is for you home Duckpin bowling enthusiasts!
Duckpins are finally for sale, directly from the manufacturer!
No more searching eBay!

June 2, 2008
New magazine article about Duckpins in the Urbanite, a Baltimore Magazine.  (I was interviewed for it.)

May 31, 2008
The Message Board is temporarily down. The hosting company states there was a fire and they are working hard to restore it.

"Due to a fire at our hosting facility, many of our servers were knocked offline. We are working to restore as many forums as possible from backups. Within a few days we expect full data restore to all forums affected."
Patrick Clinger

May 2008 - The Duckpin documentary is ready! To purchase the DVD go here:

March 2008
Visit the new website of the first lady of Duckpin bowling,
the legendary Toots Barger!
(Site by her son, Ernie Barger.)

"Nothing in Maryland sports could compare to the Annual
Sunpaper's Duckpin Bowling Tournament held every year
around Christmas time. That was before NFL football.
It was the heyday of duckpin bowling. It was where
Jim McKay got his introduction to TV sports. The entire

State of Maryland was always held spellbound watching
TV at the finals where most of the time Toots won by
a super ending or by one pin. The entire Sunpapers
front page with headlines covered the results of that
tournament. It was truly an amazing time.

I am sure you will agree Toots was Duckpin Bowling.
Please include us in your link page.
Thanks.....Ernest Barger, Jr. (son)

May 2003 - The new Duckpin Documentary entitled  "This is Duckpin Country" has been completed and was shown at the Maryland Film Festival on May 3, 2003.

Maryland Film Festival
See Film Clip!!

January 2003 - Re: Glenmont Bowling Center in Wheaton, Maryland.
Glenmont went out of business in Aug. 2002. Some interested parties want to lease Glenmont as warehouse space --but management would rather see it stay as a bowling center. Anyone interested in re-opening Glenmont Bowling Center, please contact Richard Greenberg, 301-657-2525

August 2002 -
Oh No! Tuffy Leeman's Glenmont Bowl is closing!

Plus, a positive article on Duckpin...

They prefer their 'ducks' by Ari Natter, The Gazette

May 2002: There's a new Duckpin Documentary being made, view more here...

View photos of Pinsetters in 'Behind the Scenes'...

January 2001 - To start off: I have some good news and some bad news.

First --the bad.
Another Duckpin Bowling Alley is going out of business.

Now, the good news.
The owner wants to sell the equipment, which is 24 lanes, pinsetters
and a whole lot more for only $100,000.
From my investigations, this is a phenomenal deal.
It's possibly worth more than a half a million dollars!

"I'm selling the assets because my building is about to be sold. They are going to tear it down to put in a strip mall. We are located in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. The setters are in very good condition and are currently being used at our house. We will ship to USA and Eastern Canada. With reference to shipping, the cost depends on what is shipped and to where. The lanes are in good shape. There is a need to refinish about 8 lanes. The first 8 were done over the summer. The last 8, (17-24), are in very good shape as they receive the least league wear and tear."

"The snack bar grill, griddle, hood system and fryer are less than 2 years old. The beer cooler and pizza warmer and coffee maker are in excellent condition. The shoes are less than 2 years old, many about a year old. A few pairs of the antiques in good shape are still around. The 2 seasons old house balls are in decent shape having never been refinished. I have 3 cases(12ea.) of brand new balls stored. The list of hard to find spare parts is too big and too sensitive to list. Let me know what you need and we can talk price."

"12 Brunswick overhead projection scoretables, 12 pieces of rock maple curved seating with beverage racks. 12 over-the-top ball returns and runners.
gutters, plates, sweeps, and approaches in addition to the complete machines
and spare parts." "I am interested in a bulk sale but I will negotiate for parts and parcels. "

David Aidala
Vice-President, Chief Operating Officer
Down Under Duckpins,Inc.
Any takers out there?

White Oak Lanes in Silver Spring, Md is now online!
Stop by and say "Hi" to Ralph and the gang by
signing the guestbook!

New! Duckpin Message Board
The Message Board is the place to post your requests to find
Duckpin equipment. I enjoy hearing from all of you, but I am
not a clearing house for balls and shoes. PLEASE post your
request/messages on the public board where someone that can
actually help you, find you! (Thank you!)
If you have equipment to SELL, email me and I'll add it to the
next newsletter.

News for October 2000:
Southway Bowling Alley closes, read the AP story:
Church Remembers Duckpin Bowling