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I am too touched for words... :)
Natalie chose me as Miss Egomania for December 1998.
My life is now complete. Thank you, Natalie!

Thank you, Jim!!!
Nov. 22, 1998

Thank you soooo much for this lovely gift, Cindy!
What a great way to start the holidays!

October 28, 1998

October 21, 1998 You should fool around with her, too! Thanks, Momma!

Dear Leah, Thank you so much! I am touched that you have
decided to makemy site your very first awardee!
October 19, 1998 Robin, I have visited your site many times and still haven't seen it all ! It's amazing and always brings back such great memories for me of the past. That's why you're the 1st person to receive my award for your truly outta this world website. Keep up the wonderful job you've done here and thanks for the memories !! -Leah

Thanks, Dennis! Congratulations! You have been awarded the Super Seventies Classic Award! This award is presented to those cool Seventies music and/or culture sites which feature superior editorial and design content.

HyperExchange Seal Of Approval Award HyperExchange Select Site Award For Excellence in Web Site Design And Quality
Aug. 23, 1998
I have just visited your web site, and I am impressed! I recommended your site to receive our award of excellence, and it was approved! This is judged by content, presentation, overall performance, and design. I am more than happy to tell you that your site meets all the criteria of excellence required. Congratulations! You earned it! Thank you for helping improve the quality of the web. Sincerely, Ann Futral, Mktg. mgr./HyperExchange

July 17, 1998 Best of the Planet Awards

Best of the Planet Awards 1998

Diana, thank you for this lovely gift! You made my day!
July 13, 1998
Hello Robin, I just have to say again how much I enjoyed my visit to your Web! You are very talented, and have done a terrific job creating one of the very best websites I have seen! I am giving you my award, for an Outstanding Site! -Diana http://www.sover.net/~dmb

Thank you Adnan, for the lovely gift of the award!!
Thanks, Adnan!
June 7, 1998

May 28, 1998

This award is awesome!
Thank you Scheherazade and Sealights!

Hi Robin,
Someone thinks you are very special because you have been a very good friend. That person is Sheila from Scheherazade's Little Bohemia on the Hinkson.

This is what she had to say about you;

"Robin was a wonderful help to me when I first hung my site on the web.She offered great constructive criticism, and urged me to spend long hours going back into my pages and cleaning up my code. She was a wonderful taskmistress!! She offers her insights and expertise freely, with the purpose that all webmasters should strive for the highest possible standards. She is indeed a fine citizen of the net."
She asked me to send you my Helping Hand Award and it is my pleasure to send it to you. Also I am sending you my award of excellence as I think you have a terrific site. Lot of things to enjoy!
I will come and visit again soon!

May 23, 1998

Thanks so much, David!
David Morris Award
May 17, 1998
Your site has demonstrated what I consider
an excellent site to be.
Not only do you have lots of USEFULL
information, you also have a good
eye for design and I think that you put
some of you in with the codes.
-David Morris

Lucky me!
I'm the very first recipient of the Glass Talon Award!
What an honor, thank you, Lillie!
Glass Talon
April 30, 1998

Thank you, D`mentia!
Thank you D~mentia
April 28, 1998

Thanks, Babe!

April 27, 1998

Dear Joanna, Thanks you so much!
It appears that you have chosen my site to be the
First TOP BISCUIT Awardee!
I am honored! :)

March 27, 1998
Hi Robin,
Not to be outdone by your fabulous awards,
I made one of my own which you,
without any trace of a doubt,
deserve for your amazing website!
You can put it with the other thousand
or so you already have! Fondly, Jo

Thanks, RAMcheck! What a nice surprise!

March 26, 1998

Again, the "Master" bestoweth upon me!
I'm overwhelmed!

March 17, 1998
The master poked his head out of his study and handed me a computer disk. "Attach this to an e-mail and send it to Robin," he said, "and get me some beer and some Doritos, I'm gonna be in here for a while." Then he went back to his videogame. The only thing on the disk was some sort of award that I have never seen before. You should feel honored indeed! The master always refers to me as "the most unwashed of them all". I guess he really thinks highly of you. Why shouldn't he? After all you've done for him. Its not like he's had a faithful servant whose first name starts with "V" to answer his every beck and call. Its not like I've suffered through all his crap for all these years only to have you come along and get some damn award from him! WHERE'S MY FREAKIN' AWARD!? WHAT MORE DO I HAVE TO DO!? I'm sorry. I've let my emotions run away with me. The master has warned me about this. I know I will get what's coming to me in the end. Attached, please find your award. THE AWARD WHICH SHOULD BE MINE! MINE! MINE!

Thanks, Ravi!

March 13, 1998
Congratulations! Your Web site has been selected to
win an Elite Site Award. This award signifies that your
site contains quality content and has skillful design.

Thanks, Chrissy!

March 9, 1998
Great work with your website, I was quite impressed... :)

Thank you for thinking of me, Jim!
I appreciate it!

March 9, 1998

Thanks, Cheetah!

March 4, 1998
I think your web site is outstanding!
You should be very proud of yourself!
It gives me great pleasure to present you with the
"Cheetah's Page Award!"
This Award is presented for the Hard Work,
and Dedication put into your page.

Thank the "Master" for me!

March 4, 1998
I am pleased to announce that your site has won the
Scott Griffitts Seal of Approval.
I quote the recommendation by the Communications
Committee to the Master:
"Robin's site is very pink and has barbeque tips."
I was there when the Master personally visited your site.
Love the master, hate the stick,
Vernon Ferkwiller, Recording Secretary,
Scott Griffitts Movement Communications Committee

Thanks, MsZippy!
Oldies Award Of Excellence

March 3, 1998
Being that your website is of exceptional design and
nostalgic content, you may proudly display this
award of excellence.

Tack så mycket, Gunnar!

February 27, 1998

Thank you, She-Wolf!

February 27, 1998

Thanks, Dar!!

February 20, 1998

Thank you, Dizzy!
You know, Awards that I didn't ask for are my favorites!  

February 16, 1998

Thank you, Spyder!  
I Am A Proud Member Of:
Phenomenal Women of the Web
Phenomenal Women Of The Web
February 13, 1998

February 9, 1998

Thanks, Siren!

Apply for Siren's Dark Award of Excellence!

February 8, 1998

Thanks, Spyder!
Spyder - 1/31/98
January 31, 1998

Thank you, Ben!

January 15, 1998
I was very impressed by the eclectic nature of your site.
I guess when you said there is something there for everyone,
you really meant it. The site itself is an outstanding achievement
in web site design, but what you offer on your pages should keep people
coming back for more and more. Congratulations on producing a
Web Site that reflects the highest standards of creativity and
professionalism on the World Wide Web.
Sincerely, Ben

Thank you, Pandora!

January 13, 1998
Hi Robin
Please accept my website award for your excellent site.
Pandora - Pandora's Box

Thank you, Dana and Diva's!
I am proud to be
Robin - Digital Divas
January 11, 1998

Karen, thank you for the lovely custom made award!!
Award from Karen
January 4, 1998
I am pleased to present you with
Karen's Best of the Best Award for your site!
I would like to thank you for such a great site and for
the obvious hard work you've put into it,
it was a lot of fun to view!!!
Congratulations again!!! Karen

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