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Thank you for publishing my favorite poem in full and giving a history of it. I have a hard copy on the cover of my portfolio and now can put proper credit to the Poem! I have had more comments in interviews on the poem and have had to put copies to give out inside. This poem has been an inspiration to me and I live by the words daily in my volunteer activities. Sincerely, Wizzywig
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Hi Robin! I went online to find a great recipe for our upcoming Christmas Cookie Exchange and landed at your website! I just had to say thanks to you for sharing your heart and your skill with the world. It was such a neat experience to view pictures of exchanges and see all of the beautiful tables and friendships. Thanks for a fun morning exploring your website! I'll be making Stained Glass Gingerbread cookies and Orange Almond Biscotti for this year's exchange. Have a Merry Christmas!
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Your site is so very cool!! I am am actually reseaching famous stuff from the 70's for my 8 year old's school project (can't believe I'm 40 AND a mom!). I remember so well all the stuff you have listed that I had forgotten about! Thanks for reminding me why my childhood was so much fun!! These kids have NO IDEA how cool the 70's were! I'll try to do your website justice in the poster we create!! Thanks and "Keep On Trucking"!! Suze
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Keep it up!! This is such a great and useful site... I am hosting my first cookie swap and am looking for ideas....your site helped me a lot...I also was so happy to know that you are from Maryland... A am a native Puerto Ricon, however I attended Maryland University in College Park, an after graduation at worked as a Bilingual Teacher at Oyster Bilingual School in Washington DC (a public school). I lived in Bowie and afterward in Falls Church Va. What memories !!! Those were the best years of my life..... It feels great to be in touch with a Marylander...Keep it up !!
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