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Hey hey!
Chuck <patsfan2@hotmail.com>
Lowell, MA USA - Tuesday, July 03, 2001 at 11:02:56 (EDT)

great site!
kamal <kamal@tripod.cl>
USA - Monday, July 02, 2001 at 01:56:42 (EDT)

just visiting looking for info as to when to cut back impatients.
keep up the quality site
regards Neil
Neil Traynor <ntraynor@hotmail.com>
Melbourne, vic Australia - Sunday, July 01, 2001 at 20:16:24 (EDT)

I'm looking for Khara perfume/cologne which used to be made by Max Factor. They discontinued it about 10 years ago. Does anyone know where I can get some? Thanks
Alice <alicejgfrog@yahoo.com>
CT USA - Wednesday, June 27, 2001 at 20:50:36 (EDT)

I am interested in checking out your back grounds. Will you please sign me up or let me know how I can get a user name and password. Thank you Erica
Erica <eashley@unifiedbank.com>
lexington, ky USA - Tuesday, June 26, 2001 at 11:33:32 (EDT)

Love your website, Robin! Very user friendly and the graphics are perfect!
I am a cookbook junkie so your recipe/kitchen page is the best!
Keep up the good work! I'm now inspired!
Katie Bodiford
Newnan, GA
Katie Bodiford <kbodiford@mail.newnanutilities.org>
Newnan, GA USA - Monday, June 25, 2001 at 13:12:51 (EDT)

I'd like to invite you to join our website competition, the Golden Elite.

Elite Fantasy <elitefantasy@goldenelite.net>
USA - Sunday, June 24, 2001 at 19:06:46 (EDT)

Loved your tributes to the 60's and the 70's. Keep up the favtastic work.
Kelly <KellyA444@aol.com>
NY, NY USA - Saturday, June 23, 2001 at 17:02:26 (EDT)

I love your graphics! Best on the net. I plan on using some of your 4th of July graphics to beautfy my page! Keep up the great work
DeAnna Voeks <wesnde@aol.co>
Shawnee, OK USA - Saturday, June 23, 2001 at 13:41:18 (EDT)

I visited our cookie page years ago and loved it, now I just can't stay away!!
Stacey Dyer <dyers@kua.net>
kissimmee, fl USA - Saturday, June 23, 2001 at 09:04:51 (EDT)

Just stopped by looking for a spider web background. Best wishes! Doug
Doud <dmillar@qwest.net>
Phoenix, AZ USA - Saturday, June 23, 2001 at 01:15:42 (EDT)

I've had a blast today. Didn't near finish so will be back many times
Eleanor Merrill <emerrill@tri-lakes.net>
Galena, MO USA - Friday, June 22, 2001 at 16:12:28 (EDT)

Great show!!
tommy aaron <Djbtdaaron@aol.com>
Gaithersburg, MD USA - Wednesday, June 20, 2001 at 10:48:37 (EDT)

Enjoyed your site. Keep up the good work. Jeanie
Jeanie Laurence <Jlaur876@aol.com>
Brookhaven, Pa USA - Tuesday, June 19, 2001 at 22:39:26 (EDT)

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Melissa Biggs <mbiggs@bamapie.com>
Tulsa, OK USA - Tuesday, June 19, 2001 at 15:50:31 (EDT)

Sean and Kim, This site is wonderful! You captured a terrific year. Kim, you were fun to have behind the plate and Sean....see you next year!
Patricia Busche <buschep@mail.nih.gov>
Gaithersburg, MD USA - Monday, June 18, 2001 at 08:32:58 (EDT)

Very nice, nice graphics too!
Athenroy <athenroy@nirvana.ca>
Tampa, Fl USA - Sunday, June 17, 2001 at 02:02:50 (EDT)

This was a wonderful idea. Thanks for helping to make things so special. Sean, have fun scateboarding and don't give up on baseball. You have a lot of talent. Have a good summer... Coach Tom
Tom Didone <didonetc@aol>
USA - Saturday, June 16, 2001 at 21:49:45 (EDT)

cool site. I like the lyrics.
jim robbins <marriedguitarman@yahoo.com>
IN USA - Saturday, June 16, 2001 at 18:45:03 (EDT)

Things My Mother Taught Me My Mother taught me LOGIC... "If you fall off that swing and break your neck, you can't go to the store with me." My Mother taught me MEDICINE... "If you don't stop crossing your eyes, they're going to freeze that way." My Mother taught me TO THINK AHEAD... "If you don't pass your spelling test, you'll never get a good job!" My Mother taught me ESP... "Put your sweater on; don't you think that I know when you're cold?" My Mother taught me TO MEET A CHALLENGE... "What were you thinking? Answer me when I talk to you... Don't talk back to me!" My Mother taught me HUMOR... "When that lawn mower cuts off your toes, don't come running to me." My Mother taught me how to BECOME AN ADULT... "If you don't eat your vegetables, you'll never grow up." My mother taught me ABOUT SEX... "How do you think you got here?" My mother taught me about GENETICS... "You are just like your father!" My mother taught me about my ROOTS... "Do you think you were born in a barn?" My mother taught me about the WISDOM of AGE... "When you get to be my age, you will understand." My mother taught me about ANTICIPATION... "Just wait until your father gets home." My mother taught me about RECEIVING... "You are going to get it when we get home." And my all time favorite thing-JUSTICE "One day you will have kids, and I hope they turn out just like YOU. Then you'll see what it's like."
frederiek van rhijn <f.vanrhijn@mailad.nl>
Nieuwerkerk, The Netherlands - Friday, June 15, 2001 at 11:36:06 (EDT)

THE GUYS, THE DOG and the GRAND CHEROKEE A guy buys a brand new Grand Cherokee for 30-some-thousand-dollars and has 400+ dollar monthly payments. He immediately gets ahold of his friend and they go do some male bonding. They go duck hunting, and of course all the lakes are frozen. These 2 Atomic Brains go to the lake with the guns, the dog, the beer and of course the new vehicle. They drive out onto the lake ice and get ready. Now, they want to make some kind of a natural landing area for the ducks, something for the decoys to float on. Remember, it's all ice and in order to make a hole large enough to look like something a wandering duck wants to fly down and land on, it is going to take a little more effort than a ice hole drill. Out of the back of the new Grand Cherokee comes a stick of dynamite with a short, 40 second fuse. Now these 2 Rocket Scientists do take into consideration that if they place the stick of dynamite on the ice at a location far from where they are standing (and the new Grand Cherokee), they take the risk of slipping on the ice, when they run from the burning fuse and possibly going up in smoke with the resulting blast. So, they decide to light this 40 second fuse and throw the dynamite which is what they end up doing. Remember a couple of paragraphs back, when I mentioned the vehicle, the beer, the guns AND THE DOG ???? Yes, the dog. A highly trained Black Lab used for retrieving, especially things thrown by the owner. You guessed it, the dog takes off at a high rate of doggy speed on the ice and gets the stick of dynamite with the burning 40 second fuse about the time it hits the ice all to the woes of the 2 idiots yelling, stomping, waving arms and wondering what the hell to do now. The dog, well, it is happy and heads back from where it came from moments before, with the stick of dynamite, only to the mounting woes of the 2 bozo's now really waving their arms, yelling even louder and jumping to new heights than ever before. Now one of the guys decides to think, something that he has never done before this moment, grabs a shotgun and shoots the dog. The shotgun is loaded with #8 duck shot, hardly big enough to stop a Black Lab on its appointed rounds. Dog stops for a moment, slightly confused and continues on. Another shot and this time the dog, still standing, becomes really confused and of course scared, thinking these 2 Nobel Prize-winners have gone insane and takes off to find cover, with the now really short fuse burning on this stick of dynamite. The cover the dogs finds? Underneath the brand new Grand Cherokee 30, some thousand dollar, 400+ monthly payment vehicle sitting on the lake ice. BOOM! The dog dies, and it and the brand new Grand Cherokee, 30-some-thousand-dollar 400+ monthly payment vehicle, sink to the bottom of the lake leaving the 2 candidates for Co-leaders of the Known Universe standing there with this "I can't believe this happened" look on their faces. Later, the owner of the vehicle calls his insurance company which tells him that sinking a vehicle in a lake by illegal use of explosives is not covered. He had yet to make the first of those 400+ a month payments...............
frederiek van rhijn <f.vanrhijn@mailad.nl>
Nieuwerkerk, The Netherlands - Friday, June 15, 2001 at 11:35:05 (EDT)

i not mad angry or upset thoughly enjoyed reading your website i do believe your tastes are simliar to mine but iwas just wondering or perhaps you just aren't familiar with it or not but i do believe you forget to mention a great top sirloin over a nice oakwood fire. it may not be quite as tender as your above mentioned cuts but it certainly is as if not more flavorable than a nice ribeye
mike thompson <mjtuscg@earthlink.net>
fern park, fl. USA - Friday, June 15, 2001 at 02:35:04 (EDT)

great site one thing that is handed down is"i remember when i was your age" far out it's all here, keep on going man(woman) which ever.It's the story that counts.Right on!
desmond hudson <hudsonsare@home.com>
toronto , ont canada - Tuesday, June 12, 2001 at 20:58:45 (EDT)

great site!
rajini <rajini@tripod.de>
USA - Monday, June 11, 2001 at 12:08:31 (EDT)

Just a hello from another East Coast blogger with a lot in common...
Ro <moonromer@yahoo.com>
Philadelphia, PA USA - Sunday, June 10, 2001 at 14:30:05 (EDT)

Hey Robin, I have been having a wonderful surfin' day and am enjoying your website as always. Thinking of you and hope you are all well :) Much love from across the great pond, Di
Di <diane@birklea.co.uk>
Ashford, Kent UK - Sunday, June 10, 2001 at 09:47:12 (EDT)

Great Site! I've been looking for a song that we used to sing while bouncing rubber balls up against the wall. Usually we'd use 2 balls, but some of the girls could use 3. Would you happen to remember it?
Karen Houston houston.k@home.com
Cambridge, Ontario Canada - Friday, June 08, 2001 at 21:42:25 (EDT)

I really am a newbie, a co-worker suggested you. I need to create four web pages with text, internal and external links, and forms, frames, table, picture, and hyperpicture, Help please!! I don't have a site either.
Iris Warren IWarren602833937
Suitland, MD USA - Wednesday, June 06, 2001 at 20:05:34 (EDT)

i didnt visit yet silly!!!!
Torrance, CA USA - Saturday, June 02, 2001 at 11:31:54 (EDT)

Hello from New Orleans.
The Wizard TheWizard@nolawizard.com
New Orleans, La. USA - Saturday, June 02, 2001 at 00:24:51 (EDT)

so cool. Your information are useful for me !!
Mc_Joe usnada@balifolder.com
Denpasar, Bali Indonesia - Friday, June 01, 2001 at 01:46:29 (EDT)

Great site, impressive work.
Adam Carson
Winnipeg, MB Canada - Tuesday, May 29, 2001 at 14:08:02 (EDT)

Hi Robin, Still a great web site. I like seeing everybody. Ahhhh.. our babies are graduating...Andrew is going to college close to home too.(Thank God)Love you lots.. Bernadette
Bernadette rbpat@yahoo.com
Atascadero, Ca USA - Saturday, May 26, 2001 at 21:11:44 (EDT)

Yo yo Robin, I think ur site is great and obviously a lot off ppl have came here. Im'a 13 year old gurl, and im comimg to ur site 4 kool walpaper and graphics.. some advice is, tell how old u r, and maybe put some more pretty colors on here! Im guessin that i'll be visiting ur site often from now on, its great! Well gotta jet! C-yah! ~*Melissa Smith*~
Melissa Smith godesschick00@hotmail.com
Yuba City, CA USA - Friday, May 25, 2001 at 18:35:03 (EDT)

Thank you for your lovely set!!! As you can see it looks great in action. Now I just have to stop playing with webpages and go work on the wedding.
Minneapolis, MN USA - Friday, May 25, 2001 at 17:28:43 (EDT)

Robin, You have a beautiful site, and of course the flowers are divine... peace out......
Angela Shore lovemookie@hotmail.com
Washington DC, USA - Friday, May 25, 2001 at 15:35:22 (EDT)

Great site. Murphy rules
Hank S. alkel@world-net.net
San Antonio, Tx USA - Thursday, May 24, 2001 at 13:05:34 (EDT)

You hjave some beautiful graphics. I was looking for a new look for our garden club web site which I maintain. I have downloaded your daisy theme set to do a trial run for looks. Thank you for providing such neat sets.
Sue Rood msue167@yahoo.com
Sebring, FL USA - Wednesday, May 23, 2001 at 21:15:34 (EDT)

What's up Cincinnati.
Kristi Marie
Cincinnati, OH USA - Tuesday, May 22, 2001 at 13:19:10 (EDT)

My grandfather fighted in WWII and he loved the Star Spangled Banner song. He used to drive my grandmother crazy singing it around the house. Sometimes he would go out in the backyard and sing it as loud as he could and fire his guns up in the air. My grandmother really hated that and so did the neighbors.
Roderick Rugg rrugg@freeze.com
Hopkinsville, KY USA - Tuesday, May 22, 2001 at 09:03:24 (EDT)

Hi Robin: is your homepage address for sale? Just kidding... Robin
Robin Ruhnke twistingchamp@yahoo.com
Frankfurt, Germany - Tuesday, May 22, 2001 at 07:50:13 (EDT)

Just surfing through...I had your site written on a scrap of paper to put back on Favorites after a virus wipe out!!!
William C. Jones wcjones@capital2.com
Greenville, MSJust surfing through...had your site written down to put on my favorites USA - Sunday, May 20, 2001 at 21:38:08 (EDT)

Nice Site!
Calvin cchaney@carad.com
Canyon Lake, Tx USA - Thursday, May 17, 2001 at 11:52:50 (EDT)

i like ya page, lots of funky stuff! =) wats with the different layouts everywhere tho?
mercury pink_mercury@madmail.com
melb, vic aus - Saturday, May 12, 2001 at 10:04:48 (EDT)

Interesting site !!!
Dan Mihaiu startrek@rol.ro
Iasi, RO Romania - Friday, May 11, 2001 at 11:18:27 (EDT)

I did not have much time to look around but I will be back. Looks great.
linda aple2@juno.com
kennedale, tx USA - Tuesday, May 08, 2001 at 12:35:49 (EDT)

Anybody wants a bit more 1960s nostalgia (albeit in specialized topics), come visit my sites, accessible from my home page.
David Johnson dpjohnsoncbluffs@cs.com
Council Bluffs, IA USA - Monday, May 07, 2001 at 23:49:01 (EDT)

I'm so glad I wandered in here today. I've only explored a tiny portion of your site, but what I've seen is great. That sounds so corny... sorry. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I'm enjoying myself, your site, and the woman behind it. Thank you for sharing.
bonni bonni@spamcop.net
Melbourne, Vic Australia - Saturday, May 05, 2001 at 08:32:51 (EDT)

i really enjoy looking at the pretty themesets. I hope you make more in the future!!
Lan Nguyen feminine_misc@yahoo.com
houston, tx USA - Friday, May 04, 2001 at 19:11:29 (EDT)

i rBeautiful graphics! I've downloaded some for my page, and will be placing your link on there for everyone to see.
Heather Humphrey zingela@yahoo.com
Roxana, Il USA - Thursday, May 03, 2001 at 02:37:12 (EDT)

Random Acts of Kindness

What an amazing site you have. I have been building my own site similarly - almost like a magazine. You have provided me much inspiration. I've bookmarked you and will be back again and again. Love those 70's pages and your menu planning ideas. I'd been looking for a recipe for beef dip for ages! Thanks, Maven
Maven vewells@home.com
Canada - Wednesday, May 02, 2001 at 18:19:37 (EDT)