How to pick a Maryland
Blue Claw Crab!

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Crab Feast!!!

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This male blue claw crab has a "tab" that looks like the 'Washington Monument', a female crab has a tab that looks like the US Capitol.

Pull the tab off, by pulling the hard shell away from the crab. Crack the crab cavity in two. Pull the legs off or not, your choice. Scrape out the "mustard", you can eat it if you want to or discard it.

The mustard is an acquired taste, either you love it or it completely grosses you out. Don't eat the lungs aka "devils fingers". Pull the cartilage away and scavenge with your finger tips to pull the crab lumps out.

Now to the good part....the reward for all of your hard work.

Dip the lump crab meat in drawn butter, or --add more Old Bay, or...dip in white vinegar or just eat the lumps plain. It's heaven! Enjoy! A note, dipping in vinegar actually brings out the sweetness of the crab meat!

Newbies use mallets, nut crackers or knives and wear bibs. Marylanders only use their hands and fingers and sometimes the bottom of a Bud bottle to hammer on the claws.

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Delicious and flavorful Blue Claw crab meat

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