What do you smell like?
What's your favorite scent?

This page was started from a conversation on a bulletin board back in 1999. Someone asked; "What's your favorite perfume and why?" I was intrigued by all the responses, as perfume is very personal, but it's also about what you exude to the world. The text below is what I answered on the board.

I am or I used to be a "perfume-a-holic". For the past few years I haven't been into perfume or jewelry nearly as much as before. Hey! My website is over three years old, maybe it's because I'm at home in front of this computer screen and it doesn't matter what I smell like! <G>

Recently, I indulged myself with a new fragrance, "Dune" by Christian Dior. I also wear "Poison" by Dior. In the mid eighties I was into "Opium", in the early nineties I loved "Anais, Anais."

Those are all heavy smells that I would wear to go out at night. For daytime, I have worn "Colors" by Benetton since the mid eighties, and still love it. Also, a good daytime smell is "Mariel" by H20 Plus, it's one of those signature perfumes from a store called H20 in the mall. Another store signature perfume I adore is "Abercrombie and Fitch for Women".

But alas, some of my favorite perfumes I can't get my hands on anymore, so I just keep the empty bottles to sniff what once was. I bought Harrods 81' at Harrods in London in 1987. Never heard or saw that perfume again. I did find 'Wicked Wahine' on the web, woo hoo!  Reminds me of the tropics!

"Honey, I need to go out and get some perfume, I'll be back in a few weeks!" lol

Also, in 89' we went to the world famous perfume factory, PARFUMERIE GALIMARD in Grasse, France where they make all the perfumes in the world. They are allowed to sell all the name brand perfumes, sans the famous name. I bought over 100 small brass flasks of every famous brand and gave them as gifts for years!

The reason stores sell perfume in glass bottles is because the light breaks down the fragrance, so you have to toss it after about a year, even if it's still full. The secret is to keep them in a dark place.

Currently, I am addicted to just about anything from Bath and Body works, but especially Breathe Romance and Breathe Comfort. Check them out!

You know what ticks me off? That the department stores don't give free samples away anymore. I used to buy way more perfume, when given the chance to sample it first. That's simply the industry 'cutting off its nose to spite its face'.

What do you think? Has the lack of samples made you buy more or less perfume?

What's your favorite perfume?