Wacky Words are Courtesy of Amy G., who graciously sent them to me. Very Cute. Thank you, Amy!

boobonic plague - the condition of western society where women's breasts are used to sell everything from cars to magazines.

eekology - the screams of environmentalists over the loss of valuable
environmental niches.

high freekquency - a place with a large population of non-conformists, such as Seattle.

intercurse - the transmission vector for venereal disease.

microbuyology - a condition where one goes to the mall just thinking
they'll buy a little bit...

microscope - just a tiny bit of mouthwash.

nullfactory - a situation where you smell something funny, but no one
else smells anything.

pin-netics - a situation where stepping on a pin puts a body in motion.

Pullmanary - a condition where crazed football fans, especially in
Washington state rivalries, shout their lungs out.

Silly Con Valley - a place where high tech industry artificially drives
up real estate prices & the locals who bought there before computers
laugh about what they paid for their houses.

snoreropathy - a condition where someone's snoring gets on your nerves.

tabbyrinth - a confusing feline jungle gym structure.

varicuss veins - these relief map veins that make people cuss when they
look in the mirror.

winstinct - without thinking, you do whatever it takes to win & later
say it's an involuntary action to facilitate survival of the species.

carbonbon dating - a procedure for determining the age of ancient candy

caronary - a medical condition caused by the shock of receiving your
auto mechanic's estimate or bill.

centrifrugal force - this cheapness that radiates outward from a miserly
center can make your head spin

congealiality - the practice of keeping a phony smile on one's face
until it freezes into place

dodgebawl - the stupid gym class game that causes kids to cry when hit with the ball.

lean quizene - this food may be lean in those micro servings, but what the heck's in it?

medisin - what our pill popping sickness care system has become

medisin man (or woman) - M.D.'s who are in the "bozone"

partial art - practiced by one who knows just a bit of karate, aikido,

sandruff - the sand that lingers in your hair & clothes when you leave
the beach

screwples - uh, ask Jesse Jackson, Bill Clinton, etc.

sexpatriate - tired of the sexual customs in one's own country, this
person moves to a foreign land..

yule-ogy - if the celebration of Christmas ever comes to an end, this
will be spoken.

asinkchronous orbit - the phenomenom of water traveling in
counterclockwise north of the equator & clockwise south of the equator (or is it the other way around?)

assylum - people who moon other people should get sent here

boo-tique - where one shops for Halloween costumes

enduckrid glands - duckless glands (quacks don't know about these)

fizziology - the study of how beer affects the body

campain - the sick feeling you get when your legitimately elected
candidate doesn't win office (see wrecking ball)

hellicatessen - a place where a hungry vegetarian goes & doesn't find anything to eat except pickles

Matriarch of a Diver - a Steve Winwood album from 1980. (Just roll with it, okay?)

milestone - that first marijuana high

paparazzi - proud fathers with cameras chasing after their kids to take pictures

plagiaryes - so called "rye bread" found sold in supermarkets

precipiss - peeing over a cliff or other steep overhang or such a place where a leak is taken.

punatentory - where punsters are punished

sackrament - religious folks [sic] with screwples may be found
performing this.

snailigraphy - when you're used to typing fast, writing by hand seems
like this

spendemic - very prevalent during the holiday season

stare-oid - substances people with big muscles take to get you to stare at them.

votalitarian - a political system where the citizens think their
dicatator president was fairly elected by the voters

wrecking ball - an inaugural event held by the Bush administration as they prepare to wreck the nation & it's environmental resources.

zohdiac - only folks in the Baltimore area who listen to conspiracy
theories & libertarian ramblings will get this one.

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