Headlines in the year: 2050

  • US Government finally pays off the debt from the Iraq war which was a half century ago.
  • Florida to Be Readmitted to Union
  • Plague of Spotted Owls Threaten Crops, Livestock
  • Texas Executes Last Remaining Citizen
  • Great and Benevolent Galactic Ruler Reveals That Anal Probes Were "Just For Fun"
  • Mother Monica Dies: Revered Hero of Bangkok Slums Overcame Lurid Past With US President
  • Wealthy Widow Anna Nicole Smith, 83, Weds Handsome Young Actor. "This Is True Love," He Beams.
  • President "Bonecrusher" Jones to Face Chief Justice "Mad Dog" Ortega In Cage Match
  • Baltimore Rams Defeat St. Louis Ravens
  • Pope Phil II Settles Custody Battle With Ex-Wife
  • Upcoming NFL Draft Likely to Focus On Mutants
  • Younger Generation's Music Provokes Outrage of Elders
  • D.C. Zoo to Receive Rare Cow
  • Authentic Year 2000 Chad Sells For $6.9 Million at Sotheby's
  • Nursing Home Lawsuit Case: Clinton Denies Candy Striper's Allegations
  • Court Clears AOLTimeWarnerGE-DisneyCiscoFordRJR-NabiscoExxon-Mobil of Monopoly Charges
  • 50-Year Study: Diet and Exercise Key to Weight Loss
  • Baby Conceived Naturally
  • It Wasn't the Cigarettes - It Was the Ashtrays

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