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Please, check my FAQ's page first, if you have a question regarding password protection, how to add it to your page or how to get into my graphics site. Furthermore, I've answered how I make these pages, what programs I use, etc.

Again, I love hearing from everyone, but getting the same questions over and over again --will generally go unanswered.

Answering my email:
I get a lot of email. Sometimes I am quick to respond, like a minute after you emailed me. ;) Sometimes I'm slow, two months later you might get an email from me and you'll say "Who is this?"

Please don't take it personally if I don't answer you. If you have a burning question that you'd really like an answer to, email me twice (not at the same time) and then I'll probably answer you (I do remember names)--UNLESS it's a question that's been answered on my FAQ's page. If you are purchasing custom graphics from me, I will generally answer within twenty four hours.

Lastly, I do read all of my email and I appreciate all the great thoughts, comments and kudos. Thank you for all the positive energy received.

Email Etiquette
Unless you're a good friend of mine, please address me in your email and sign your name at the end. When I get a question from a stranger without these basic courtesies, I will usually just delete it.

Please list what SUBJECT you are referring to in the TITLE. I receive so many emails that are entitled "I have a question" and they get lost down the list, and usually unanswered.

Also, while my site has dozens of subjects I will warn you that I am very seasonal about answering my email. In the summer when I am in "full gardening mode", I will generally ignore questions on "How to Host a Cookie Exchange."  I start thinking about Cookies around Halloween. I will answer the gardening questions, since that is what's foremost on my mind.

One more thing....

Because of the amount of email that I receive, I am able to get a "God's eye view" of what's going on around the world, --what people's issues are, what they're feeling...

It all comes down to this: There is an ebb and flow that effects everyone. You think that you're all alone? Think again! There are days that it blows my mind when I get so much email about a particular subject. It seems that everyone is on the same wave length all over the world. What is this phenomenon? The gravitational pull of the moon? The stars? What the heck is it?

There are days when it's quieter, the visitors are there, but they don't feel like communicating, it seems they're in introspective mode. Then there are days when it seems that everyone has something to say and I've noticed that my moods are basically the same as everybody else's.

It's very interesting and I thought it was a perspective worth sharing. Just know, that you are not alone. What ever your "issues" are, someone else somewhere on this planet, is going through the very same thing that you are.