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January 20th, 2007
Mamas and Papas Member Denny Doherty dies at 66.

January 12th, 2007
Grease is STILL the word --30 years later!
new grease show

What comes round goes around. Thirty years ago I tried out for the original Grease movie. Now they're having tryouts for Grease the play on TV American Idol style. Another generation hooked! My 21 year old daughter, Stephanie, gave me the Grease DVD this year for Christmas. Of course we have a well worn VHS tape. But the DVD has all these awesome extras, like Olivia Newton John and John Travolta singing "You're the one that I want" and "Summer Nights" on stage with the cast in 2004. The case has it's own little leather jacket, too.

January 3rd, 2007
My son got the Beatles LOVE CD for Christmas, it is awesome!!! I have just thoroughly enjoyed this remix of classic Beatles. In their own words, "The Beatles like you've never heard them before".  I highly recommend it. Buy the CD!

Visit the LOVE Official Site

August 27, 2006
Peter Frampton
The promoters of Peter Frampton's new album and tour asked me if I'd add a Peter Frampton page,
which is why I have Peter's bio along with full touring schedule..  

February 23, 2006

"How to throw a 70's party"

"70's Party Foods"

November 2005
Added the 70's Posters page