remember the 70's

Welcome to my 70's Pages!

You have entered a part of my website that is near and dear to me, --the era of my youth... Come back to the day before cell phones, pagers**, CD's, email or the internet, how'd we ever survive?

Well, somehow we did manage to survive and we obviously didn't need those things that today we feel we can't live without.

If it were at all possible, I am quite sure that the majority of us that came out of the 70's --would gladly jump into a time machine and transport back into time...

Enjoy the ride and hopefully you'll find a bit of your own life mixed in there with mine.

**Times have changed:
The original content on this page is very dated. When I wrote it back in 1997, a lot of people still had "pagers." We don't use those anymore, our cell phones have become "all in one" units; phone, pager, music player, text messager, email, picture sender, watch movies on it, etc.

When I wrote this page, no one had yet heard of MP3's, the "music" of the web was more like elevator "muzak",  they were called "midi's" (.mid=low kb files of electronic music created on keyboards plugged into a pc. You had to be a musician to make a midi.).

Shockingly --DVD's were just coming out. No Ipods, no Itunes, pre-Napster, even! (Napster was started in 1999.) If you're 15 years old and reading this... you probably think the internet and all the items listed above have been around "forever". For us "old folks" who were teenagers in the 70's, ten years ago was the blink of an eye.

I can't hardly believe this year, 2007, my site will be ten years old. I wonder what life will be like in 10 more years... I wonder if web sites will still be relevant? Maybe we'll just do "mind transfers".  ;) One thing is for sure, the constant is change.

--Written on January 12, 2007

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