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Now that I have lived half of my life, it's nice to occasionally sit back, close my eyes and visualize memories, people, places and situations of days gone by.

The 60's was a special era in the 20th century and I'm glad that I was there to experience it. It is a distinct pleasure to share my memories with you. Enjoy and remember!

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The 60's.... I was a kid, but I was there!   I remember!

My Fond Childhood Memories......

Back in the "olden days" when our mom's would let us ride our bikes anywhere we wanted......we used to go the "Five and Dime". We bought: Hershey's Chocolate bars, Rock Candy, Wax Candy that came in lips and mustaches (oh, the smell!), Miniature soda bottle six packs filled with sickeningly sweet syrup, PEZ, "Lucky Strike" candy cigarettes, Bonomo Turkish Taffy, Colored "Dots" on a sheet, Fizzies, Malo Cups, Big Buddy gum, Giant Sweet Tarts and Charms Lolly Pops.

Remember how big Reeses uses to be? I remember when "Krackle" first came out. Then there were the bins with penny candy.

(I found and bought all this cool 60's candy at an Amish market not too far from where I live!)  Click on candy to enlarge, then hit BACK.

The milkman delivered milk in glass bottles with the paper lid and cream on top, that Mom used to let me drink. Heaven! We also had a delivery man that brought potato chips!  They were called Charles Chips and they are still made to this day. Mom says she loved the blueberry pies that Charles Chips delivered.

Here are some miscellaneous tidbits to start you off and get you in the mood:

Remember driving with your parents and being
able to identify a car from it's headlights?

Christmas trees had big light bulbs, silver
tinsel and red, blue, and green bulbs.

Riding Mini-bikes!

Phones had dials.

Talking to an Operator.

Party Lines!

Prank calling.

Flash cubes on cameras! I still have
my "Brownie" somewhere.

The 1964 World's Fair

Ordering a dozen pizzas to a neighbor you
didn't like and watching them be delivered.

Halloween being sooo much fun.

The plasticy smell of the costume and the mask.

Toilet papering houses in your neighborhood

Look Magazine

When you asked your parents why they called them hamburgers?

When straws were made out of red and white paper.

When you figured out that Baskin-Robbin's had more than 31 flavors.

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