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My 2005 Ocean City Pictures

ocean city classic car show 2006
2006 Ocean City Classic Car Show pictures
Bring your own oxygen mask!

I just love looking at the classic cars, even if I can't breathe for the entire weekend!  The Ocean City Police Department makes its quota for the year giving out speeding tickets for three days in May.

All the guys pulled over are middle aged, in their 40's to their 60's. I grin and think to myself: "Wow, I'll bet that makes you feel young again!"  LOL  The testosterone in the air is palpable.

Read about my first "race" car, a 1969 Sedan Deville Cadillac!

The 17th Annual Cruisin' Ocean City Classic Car Event
will be held May 17-20, 2007.  See their 2006 Photo Gallery.