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Name: Meg
Website: Meg's Quotation Page
Referred by: A link on Someone's Site
From: Kansas
Time: 1999-01-03 01:52:31
Comments: Hey, you have a really great site. There's so much to do. Keep up the good work! :o)

Name: Josh Kagi
Referred by: A basic Web Search
From: Oregon
Time: 1999-01-03 01:23:50
Comments: Great Idea, with the different kinds of awards!

Name: Beth Diesner-Dalton
Referred by: I knew you when
From: Carson City, Nevada
Time: 1999-01-02 20:47:54
Comments: It was so nice to see pictures of family. (I can't say that Kim is better looking but he is more MATURE looking (that's polite for old). The kids are cute. Still hope to get back that way for the michael martin murphey concert in April. Take care. Lots of love from Nevada.......

Name: Alana
Website: 1999 Classifieds
Referred by:
Time: 1999-01-02 20:30:57

I especially liked the terminology descriptions...

Name: Jacki
Website: ImAGirlDamnIt
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: Ohio
Time: 1999-01-02 12:05:36
Comments: I really did enjoy your page.. you have worked so hard,,, i am impressed.. your graphix are wonderful.. and I loved your lil' welcome wave

Name: Leslie Anne Kennell
Referred by: A link on Someone's Site
From: Wadsworth, Ohio
Time: 1999-01-01 20:48:55
Comments: I absolutely love your pictures! They remind me of some of the clothes and shoes that I used to wear! And the haircuts! "Wings" and "Feathered"! This is the best 70s site I have found so far!

Name: Kali
Website: Mind Illusions
Referred by: A link on Someone's Site
From: Boston
Time: 1999-01-01 20:28:35
Comments: Hey there :) I like how you've got every laid out, very easy to navigate through

Name: Ryan
Website: LINKS!
Referred by: A link on Someone's Site
From: Arkansas
Time: 1999-01-01 17:52:52
Comments: I love your graphics/background set!I have found it to be very useful.And the othr graphics are neat,too.Keep it up!

Name: Chante
Website: FLAN Online
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: NY
Time: 1999-01-01 10:53:15
Comments: I signed up 4 the Amazing Content Award.

Name: robert giles
Website: single 34
Referred by: A link on Someone's Site
From: virginia beach virginia
Time: 1998-12-31 04:02:12
Comments: robin you are the greatest sexiest in the name is robert giules call me at 757-713-0253 anytime.

Name: Kenzie
Website: As Homeroom Turns
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: Las Vegas, baby!
Time: 1998-12-30 17:05:58
Comments: Hey..neat page....check mine out some time!

Name: Joe Nagle
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: Baltimore,Maryland
Time: 1998-12-30 16:35:37
Comments: Great Site! I will be back!

Name: Denise
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: Holland
Time: 1998-12-30 10:56:26
Comments: Just Hi!

Name: Linda
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: Dallas, TX
Time: 1998-12-29 11:54:42
Comments: This is the coolest web site I've "happened upon" yet! My boss wouldn't want to know that I've spent the entire morning here. Thanks, Robin.

Name: Cygnus Toad
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: Ohio, on lake Erie.
Time: 1998-12-29 11:08:04
Comments: I have found your html hints very helpful. Especially the section on targeting to exit frames. I surfed your site a bit and am impressed with it. The section on Blue crabs makes me wish Lake Erie had more than perch and Zebra muscles. I would kill for a soft shell blue crab sandwich right about now. You make Martha Stewart look silly. Cygnus Toad

Name: Dennis Carter
Website: For What It's Worth
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: Texas
Time: 1998-12-28 22:06:55
Comments: Your Do you remember the '60s page is great. It really blew me away. I will be checking back often to see any updates you might make to it. I wish I had enough time and enough brains to make a page as good as yours.

Name: Sara Scherer
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: Goose Creek, SC
Time: 1998-12-27 20:04:33
Comments: You should be designing jewelry because your graphics remind me of the sparkle that expensive gems have.

Name: Tim
Website: Bullz Realm
Referred by: A link on Someone's Site
From: Chicago
Time: 1998-12-27 13:29:01
Comments: Cool site, good tips.

Name: Jennifer Harner
Website: Jennifer's Garden Paradise
Referred by: A basic Web Search
From: Virginia
Time: 1998-12-27 12:23:42
Comments: Your graphics are great!! Ive used a few to decorate my webpages. Stop by my home page when you get a chance, let me know what you think!! Smile!! :)

Website: web tv
Referred by:
Time: 1998-12-27 08:12:48
Click Here to go to Pepper's Web TV


Name: Robert Prodctor
Referred by: From a Webring
From: Up-state NY
Time: 1998-12-27 07:45:40
Comments: Very Nice Site, Keep up the good work,

Name: Robert Earle
Website: N/A
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: St.John's, Newfoundland, Canada
Time: 1998-12-26 21:25:09
Comments: Hi, My name is Robert and it's 10 P.M. on Boxing day. As you can probably tell by my penmanship I don't spend a whole lot of time on the net. I have recently put my little boy to bed for the night and my wife is watching TV in the living room. I live in St.John's, Newfoundland which is the oldest and most easternly city in North America. I was searching for H.R. Puffinstuff when I found your site. Some interesting reading and I especially liked the nostalgia from the 60's and 70's. It helped me relive some memories and feelings that have been dormant for the past 20 or 30 years. thanks for the smile.... Robert Earle

Name: Karen Lyster
Website: UFO's The Beginning of a New World
Referred by: A link on Someone's Site
From: New Zealand
Time: 1998-12-26 13:59:00
Comments: What a wonderful site, I love the way you've set it all out, just magic. Karen

Name: Millie Knickerbacker
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: Phoenix, New York
Time: 1998-12-26 10:26:39
Comments: Recipes are great!

Name: suzy
Website: none
Referred by: A link on Someone's Site
From: spain
Time: 1998-12-26 10:18:32
Comments: come to my dreamsex-gallery

Name: Chuck
Website: STAR TREK/Sci-Fi/Timetravel/Paranormal/Music/MUCH MORE!
Referred by: From someone's guestbook
From: Athens, Ohio USA
Time: 1998-12-26 09:08:45
Comments: I'll tell you something you already know- You have a GREAT site here! I've been on it for about 30 min. & haven't got started yet. I was 18 years old in 1975, drove a Pontiac Catalina 400 4 bbl.- What a boat! More parties in that car than anywhere else in town I think. We were always in trouble- most of us lived to talk about it. I'm glad I found your site. I'll link to it off our LinkCentral page if you visit. Thanks for the look around!

Name: scott jones
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: houston, tx
Time: 1998-12-26 02:08:56
Comments: It's great to know that there are other people out there who have fond memories of the 70's. I am a musician and my partner and I are working on the longest 70's medley ever, using many of the songs you mentioned. Now I can feel comfortable knowing that it's possible that we won't be the only ones who get a kick out of it. Keep up the good work. Scott Jones

Name: Wesley Kim
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: Clarion Pennsylvania
Time: 1998-12-25 22:39:33
Comments: Hi Robin...I have very funny question. Are you single? Cause, you are very attractive women. I guess this messgae will make you laugh. I had to write this since I saw your pic on your web page. I've always learned to appreciate beautiful women :) Oh yeah I really like what you've done with your webpage. That's all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Adios wes

Name: Michelle Dudar
Referred by: A basic Web Search
From: Roswell, GA
Time: 1998-12-24 16:34:48
Comments: I love to cook and I'm having a blast surfing your site!

Name: Force
Website: Totally FREE PC Games!
Referred by:
Time: 1998-12-24 14:44:46
Comments: Cool site and links! Stop by my site for free games!

Name: Molly Rebecca
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: North Carolina . US
Time: 1998-12-23 22:22:49
Comments: I know a joke that might crack you up! One day this woman went to the doctor to get some pills for her husband to have sex more often. The doctor gave her the pills and told her to put one pill in his dinner each night,well the woman was feeling pretty eager an dmixed them all in his dinner. The next day their son went to the doctor and said "are you the doctor that gave her the pills?" an dthe doctor said "yes,why?" and the boy said, "because my moms dead, my sisters on the wall, my butthole hurts,and my dads outside saying, "Here, kitty, kitty, kitty!" How did you like it?

Name: Melissa Nelson
Referred by: A basic Web Search
From: Georgia
Time: 1998-12-23 19:19:09
Comments: Thanks for the helpful recipes!

Name: Kevin Bradley
Website: Grupo Central de Seguros
Referred by: A link on Someone's Site
From: Panama, R.P.
Time: 1998-12-23 18:40:10
Comments: Hello Robin- I am a friend of Griselda Tello-Yarbrough and saw a link to your page. Very nice!!!!!!!!!!! Un abrazo......Kevin

Name: shirl
Referred by: A link on Someone's Site
From: Metairie, La.
Time: 1998-12-23 18:02:15
Comments: I have just spent the past two days enjoying your pages and the delightful musical background and I haven't completed my tour. I'm a 73 yr. old newbie and am completely overwhelmed by the expertize I find in your work. Could be that I'll still be enjoying my visit thru the holidays. Thank you so much!

Name: Ross Macmillan
Referred by: A basic Web Search
From: Sydney,Australia
Time: 1998-12-23 05:11:50
Comments: A very good web site. The best joke web site I've seen.

Name: Christopher Kern
Website: Christopher Kern
Referred by: Top 1000
From: Riverside, Ca. USA
Time: 1998-12-22 15:31:22
Comments: You have a very nice page. Keep up the great work.

Name: Flash
Website: Flash Canada
Referred by: A link on Someone's Site
From: Ont Canada
Time: 1998-12-22 12:44:11
Comments: I like the graphics. But I can never find what I am looking for. I love backgrounds that have themes or real pictures. For example car page with a background that had car pics and names or something. I was also wondering what program you use to create your pics. You should also do Country themes like USA or Canadian backgrounds and buttons. But what do I know. I do really like what I see though.

Name: Brian Ott
Website: Crazy Elf Web Productions
Referred by: A basic Web Search
From: MI, USA
Time: 1998-12-22 11:38:14
Comments: Too bad I can't apply for 2 awards... the Crazy Elf is enough to make anyone laugh!

Name: Todd Schmalhurst
Website: Technical Speaking
Referred by: A basic Web Search
From: MI, USA
Time: 1998-12-22 11:34:49
Comments: Nice site you've got going... now I just hope I can win that award! :)

Name: annica
Website: The Peter Stormare Appreciation Page
Referred by: A basic Web Search
From: Sweden
Time: 1998-12-22 10:51:44
Comments: Oh, this is the funniest web site I've found for at least 6 months. In fact, I'm still laughing. *true story* Got it bookmarked, and will cruise by often from now on. Thanks for the laughs! /annica

Name: Wim van den Bergh
Website: Lowlands Lomax Club
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: The Netherlands
Time: 1998-12-22 03:27:15
Comments: What I've seen so far is absolutely fabulous. I think my page can fit into these great lists because the subject is absolutely fabulous as well. I have done anything in my power to meet your standards but for the credits part. All pictures were given by friends or taken by myself.

Name: Brett Ashford
Website: ?
Referred by: A basic Web Search
From: Stratford Upon Avon ( England)
Time: 1998-12-21 17:14:57
Comments: I'll be back (sorry-wrong hero)

Name: Jann - BC
Website: CandyLand
Referred by: Digital Divas
From: Phoenix, AZ USA
Time: 1998-12-21 12:03:15
Dearest Robin... As sprigs of mistletoe are being hung,
and shiney paper glistens on mysterious packages
I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you and yours
the very best in the Holiday Season...
with Blessings for Abundance and Joy in the New Year!

Happy Holidays from CandyLand

Your Digital Diva "Sister"... Jann

Name: Matthew Tennick
Referred by: A basic Web Search
From: Australia
Time: 1998-12-21 04:21:44
Comments: Your Site Of James Bond Is Pretty Good.

Name: Di
Website: Di's DELO DeLight Homepage (Actor Michael DeLorenzo)
Referred by: From an Award RW gave
From: MD
Time: 1998-12-20 06:02:50
Comments: Loved your site (I love purple).
I signed your GB, now autograph mine too. This site is a photo+ dedication
to Actor Michael DeLorenzo of FAME and NYU.

Name: Peter
Website: PeTaH's page
Referred by: A basic Web Search
From: USA
Time: 1998-12-20 00:11:52
Comments: Hehe nice page! Keep it up!

Name: buck anger
Referred by: Someone told me to come here
From: ontario/canada
Time: 1998-12-19 21:55:43
Comments: great experience thanks marge

Name: LaSalle Washington
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: Chicago, IL
Time: 1998-12-19 13:36:34
Comments: I hope to use your recipes for Christmas. Thx!

Name: Villy Hansen
Website: Willy´s Web World
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: Denmark
Time: 1998-12-19 01:54:56
Comments: Just surfing for some music

Name: A.D.R.
Website: ANTI AOL
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: Land of the FREE U.S. of A.
Time: 1998-12-18 20:12:28
Comments: I know that your an AOL user, at one time so was I, and I will admit that I did like it, Until they treated me the way they did, I have talked to SEVERAL guides who say that I shouldn't have had happen to me what did. So please dont ignore the site just because your an AOL user and you may think other wise. All the information there is true, I have not made an attepmt in anyway to make any of the information up.

Name: Susan
Website: SftnWrm's Niche on the Net
Referred by: Digital Divas
From: N.J.
Time: 1998-12-17 21:27:31
Comments: I have really enjoyed my time here..and there is a lot to learn. I wish I had stopped by prior to building my site, but I still have many changes to make anyway. Thanks so much for taking the time to help!!!

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