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Name: Daniel Clarke
Website: Help UK
Referred by: Someone told me to come here
From: UK
Time: 1998-12-17 17:28:10
Comments: Great site and amazing effects you have, no java either; just how I like it! Javascript is fine.

Name: Fran Reno
Website: Quest Graphics Design
Referred by: Digital Divas
From: The Golden State - California
Time: 1998-12-17 01:27:13
Comments: Have really enjoyed your site.....when I have free time I dearly love to surf the divas....sounds almost obscene....anyway.....thank you for your great pages....I do hope that you get a chance to visit mine....and if an award is merited....well, I will graciously accept. Have a wonderful holiday!

Name: kid crazy
Referred by: Digital Divas
Time: 1998-12-16 22:36:38
Comments: you have a great web page which is very well done. I like your insperation part. I enjoy anything with angels and stories. I have a group of my own special little angels I run a fun day care and enjoy it more everyday. I have been blessed to be able to care for other people's children and especially my own Grandchildren.

Name: Karl Stepp
Website: Chazhound's Free Dog Page
Referred by: A link on Someone's Site
From: Jacksonville Bch, FL
Time: 1998-12-16 20:10:27
Comments: Hi, You have a wonderful site. It has excellent design and directs the visitor correctly.

Name: Judy
Website: Judy's Place
Referred by: From a Webring
From: NJ
Time: 1998-12-16 19:32:08
Comments: Wow farout :) I love the 1970s.

Name: Princess Natalie
Website: Planet EgoMania
Referred by: Digital Divas
From: Planet EgoMania
Time: 1998-12-15 17:08:51

your site is very impressive...I will link you on my are now officially "Miss Planet EgoMania" for the month of December. I am sure you feel your life is complete now...haha....happy holidays Robin

Princess Natalie

Name: Denise
Referred by: A link on Someone's Site
From: Virginia
Time: 1998-12-15 15:37:21
Comments: Your site is great. My son thinks its really cool. We like the songs. I'll spend a lot of sleepless nights viewing your web. P.S. Merry Christmas

Name: Sasha
Website: Sasha's Lair
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: Tampa, Florida
Time: 1998-12-15 11:35:12
Comments: Great Site! Enjoyed my visit!

Name: Blue
Referred by: A basic Web Search
From: California
Time: 1998-12-14 12:53:29
Comments: Wanted to laugh today...thank you..

Name: AB
Website: Ths Spanish Sensation's page
Referred by: A basic Web Search
From: Spain
Time: 1998-12-13 22:27:20
Comments: I think you have a great site that is very orignal and unique. You can tell that you put a lot of time and effort inot it. I hope that you got my application for the award. I hope you enjoy my site!

Name: shane and tara
Referred by: A basic Web Search
From: orlando florida
Time: 1998-12-13 22:27:03
Comments: great jokes

Referred by: Someone told me to come here
Time: 1998-12-13 18:48:22

Name: Brian Maditz
Referred by: LinkExchange
From: west virginia
Time: 1998-12-13 14:50:02
Comments: these joke were wonderful...keep up the good work!!

Name: Malthor
Website: Malthor's Domain
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: PA
Time: 1998-12-13 14:17:29
Comments: I decided to make this site due to the fact that I am in the military and far from home. Through this site I can post pictures so folks back home can see the pictures right away, instead of waiting for the good old US Postal Service. And since I will be deploying around the world friends and family here in Georgia can post pictures to this site so I can see them from an over-seas location quickly. I love to write web pages, and also like messing around with java applets and script. Soon to be added is a history of USAF helicopters, and fact sheets about them!

Name: Isaac
Website: My KoRnY PaGe
Referred by: A basic Web Search
From: SC
Time: 1998-12-13 11:39:17
Comments: This site was sooooooo cool.... i loved it!! :P

Name: Tony
Website: PawPaw & Nana's Shop
Referred by: Crescendo Cool Site
From: Alabama
Time: 1998-12-13 08:22:12
Comments: Hello Ribins Web! First I wanted to say that your web site is one of the most impressive I've seen and certainly show's character and professionalism (It's infectious also). It's obvious that you take a great deal of pride in your work and there is far too little of that especially on the wenb (although I see it daily in my office). Second, I of course have been mustering up the "guts" to ask you to review my own personal web site. I was not sure when to tell you about it, like you say yourself, all web sites are permanently under construction and the more I do to mine the more I find that I want to do and I never seem to get through. I finally decided to just go ahead and "dive in". I freely and openly accept your opinion of this web site and will be respectful and appreciative of your time and opionion. I know that you accept no excuses but I did think I would tell you that although I have been in data processing/computer programming for 24 years, this is my first web site and 4 weeks ago I had never even seen HTML! What ever I have done (good/bad/indifferent) it is for certain mine and completely self taught. I am quite open to any assistance and advice you can offer. (Recommended reading, web sites that teach, etc.) I do want to get better and ultimately relay the professionalism that you do. Although the Web/Internet seems to be covered with more shady characters than good ones, I do desire to be a possitive influence on the net. Your time and opinion is appreciated. Also, if this is not the correct way to enter into your review, please advise. I saw somewhere that you gave a list of awards to enter for. I will certainly accept what ever category you think I fall in. (Actually I'm going to be happy if I can escape a tounge lashing!) Thanks and happy surfing!! Tony Baker and on her behalf my wife Sandra Baker (She's the editor, I can't spell).

Name: Blue
Referred by: From a Webring
From: AR
Time: 1998-12-13 00:07:21
Comments: Wow!!!! What a nice place to much to see...

Name: Mark
Website: Siberian husky's quest for her faithful man
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: Washington, DC
Time: 1998-12-12 22:48:34
Comments: wow--this site brings back MEMORIES! thanks for the ride! speaking of The Monkeys, i am starting a project to help chimps in southern Senegal, under the banner of ChimpCorps. ChimpCorps--help the chimps ( or just monkey around (

Name: Ellen...
Referred by: Someone told me to come here
From: sweden
Time: 1998-12-12 10:17:17
Comments: ...Hi there...*s*...just wanted to say that I loved the hind lick joke...*s*...have a nice day way over there...*s* Ellen...with the ping...

Name: Mick Moore
Website: Killergraffix
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: San Diego, Ca.
Time: 1998-12-12 01:32:49
Comments: I am impressed with the amount of interactivity within your site. You really know your stuff. Mick

Name: Paulette Bethel
Website: vom Gravin Dobermans
Referred by: A basic Web Search
From: Salt Lake City, Utah
Time: 1998-12-12 01:26:08
Comments: You have a beautiful site, purple is my favorite color.

Name: Jim
Referred by: Crescendo Cool Site
From: Olympic Peninsula, Washington
Time: 1998-12-11 23:51:53
Comments: Really enjoyed your sight...lots to look at and listen to..good page just to kick back and have fun with...

Name: Julie Buschek
Referred by:
From: You know
Time: 1998-12-11 23:16:48
Comments: Hey! I didn't know if you knew I was back in town so I was just letting you know. I tryed to email David but I guess he changed his address. Cool website! Well, write soon. Or you can call if you want my number is 301 330 9770. Julie

Name: Natale Williams
Website: ReNATssance Art
Referred by: LOTH
From: California
Time: 1998-12-11 02:19:42
Comments: What a beautiful page you have here! Its obvious that you have put a lot of time and effort into it.Thank you for creating such a lovely site and from one LOTH sister to another, have a wonderful holiday!

Name: Denise
Website: I am a star get it?
Referred by: A link on Someone's Site
From: Minnesota USA
Time: 1998-12-10 13:01:32
Comments: Like the purple them! Very well organized. Good content.

Name: Thomas Hoey
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: South Florida
Time: 1998-12-10 01:28:17
Comments: Very attractive site..stop by and visit us in Sunny South Florida.

Name: Robin
Website: Bessie's Doghouse and Robin's Nest
Referred by: Someone told me to come here
From: New Mexico
Time: 1998-12-09 12:56:56
Comments: Your site is WONDERFUL !!! RobinFYI from Arkansas sent me the link to your site. So glad i found the webring , too ! Thanks and Happy Holidays !

Name: Marie La Salle
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: Georgia
Time: 1998-12-09 11:56:54
Comments: My Business partner decided we were giving cookies for Christmas to all our customers. . .along with our refrigerator calendars. . .Who Bakes anymore. . .if you don't have kids. . .I needed recipres quick. . .Thanks for yours!

Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: southern ca
Time: 1998-12-08 17:17:16
Comments: dig the purple background.Want e pals who stuggle with weight/dieting like myself.I'm on SLIMFAST

Name: Natalie Moran
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: riverside CA
Time: 1998-12-08 15:37:44
Comments: I enjoyed your recipes. I have made the candy cane cookies before. I preferm not to use a mint extract an I just add a little more vanilla. These are my sons favorite cookies.

Name: jennifer brockwell
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: kansas city
Time: 1998-12-08 14:53:30
Comments: Great page!!! Keep it up

Name: Jo
Website: The Power Kite Site
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: UK
Time: 1998-12-08 10:33:08
Comments: Hi there Robin, just passed through and thought I'd say hi.... come visit my site sometime. Cheers Jo

Name: Allan Christensen
Website: Welcome To The World Of Mp3
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: Denmark Europe
Time: 1998-12-08 09:53:34
Comments: Heya Robin very cool site youre keeping here. Keep on the good work. Regards Allan

Name: Peg
Website: Peg's Art Gallery
Referred by: Digital Divas
From: Europe
Time: 1998-12-08 05:45:07
Comments: I enjoyed my "stay" at your site. Specially at your Virtual Garden. I could spend hours touring this magnificent place in cyber world. Thank You so much for sharing:-) Peg

Name: Shari
Website: A DeReK JeTeR FanTaSy
Referred by:
From: New York---USA
Time: 1998-12-07 21:43:07
Comments: I love your page. Very well designed. I just love it. Keep up the great work!!

Name: Pancho
Website: ?????
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: Alabama
Time: 1998-12-07 01:04:23
Comments: great website. Love it.

Name: Heather
Referred by: Someone told me to come here
From: Tennessee
Time: 1998-12-06 17:26:06
Comments: This is an awesome site. I have sent it to numerous people!!

Name: Lil
Website: Lux_ury's Loft
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: Ontario, Canada
Time: 1998-12-06 15:22:30
Hi Robin
I stumbled into your site and have spent the last hour here.   Your site is excellent~!   I enjoyed all your graphics, jokes, etc.   I love the design and layout of your page also.   Keep creating~!   :-)

Name: andy
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: mass
Time: 1998-12-06 00:25:34
Comments: super job man, very funny

Name: Jason Law
Website: S.A.P. Homepage
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: Michigan
Time: 1998-12-05 23:57:24
Comments: Cool site, mine is good too.

Name: Nathan Muehl
Website: Flute Connection
Referred by:
From: ohio
Time: 1998-12-05 10:59:37
Comments: love it

Name: Scott Cousins
Website: Scott Cousins' Homepage
Referred by: A basic Web Search
From: Erie, PA
Time: 1998-12-03 22:32:12
Comments: Liked your duckpin page. I'm a rubber band duckpin bowler myself. We have a very active league in Erie with about 200 bowlers, as well as a travelling team for a tournament with some clubs in Pittsburgh every year. We have several excellent bowlers with averages of over 160. Our Interclub tournament will be 50 years old this year!

Name: Becki Gursky
Website: Tribue to Firefighters!
Referred by: A link on Someone's Site
From: Iowa
Time: 1998-12-03 01:40:02
Comments: Im amased at your page!!! Beautiful job! Hopefully one day I will be as good at this!!

Name: Dom Cast
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
Time: 1998-12-03 01:36:06
Comments: Boy, you just won't let us has to be a "difficult" process. One with many hoops to jump through! Murphy and "should be words are great. Thanks

Name: Tom Fleeman
Website: Magic Window's Home Page
Referred by: A basic Web Search
From: Lebanon,Oregon USA
Time: 1998-11-30 23:28:19
Comments: Hello Robin. You have a nice sleek page. Nice colors and graphics. I have a pretty fair page meeself. LOL. Drop on by.
Bands and Music.

Name: Chasity
Referred by: Someone told me to come here
From: Alabama, USA
Time: 1998-11-30 23:29:18
Comments: I loved ur page! They lyrics and graphis are killer! Really helped me with my school work, had to analyzie we didn't start the fire! Thanks alot! Keep up the good work!

Name: John McDermott & Warren Leming
Website: Satire in the Age of Greed
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: Chicago
Time: 1998-11-30 23:26:04
Comments: Hello Robin, I hope you enjoy our site.

Name: paul
Referred by:
Time: 1998-11-30 22:54:08
Comments: I found your web page way cool I have to share it with my friends

Name: Mike Sigler
Website: Mike's Homepage and Baseball successes!
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: Kentucky (United States)
Time: 1998-11-30 16:26:38
Comments: I really like your page! Congratulations on getting so many awards! I just started my page a couple of weeks ago, so please feel free to visit and make comments! Thanks

Name: Lisa dougal
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: Idaho
Time: 1998-11-30 16:12:48
Comments: I have a homepage it just needs some work done to it so I didn't put it down..

Total: 750 guests

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