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Website: HAQZONE
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Time: 2000-01-22 08:52:50

Name: Jay
Website: Scorpiosite
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From: Liverpool Uk
Time: 2000-01-22 01:25:05
Comments: hi Great page - Came across you in the webbie vote( youwere 1 place below me :) My plug: If you are a Scorpio then everything ever written about you is here! - 34 Articles - 179 pages on Scorpio. Plus a Zodiac compatibility, Ascendant sign calculator, free horoscope - all signs, free astrology readings, Iching, Fortune teller, scorpio pictures & icons, birthday calculator, condoms of the zodiac (funny), Lovematch, iq test,links Plus Southpark fruit machine temperature converter, world clock, biorhythms, Quotes, Poems, Free Downloads.

Name: Sheri
Website: Year Round Holiday Games For Kids, Family & Classroom
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Michigan
Time: 2000-01-20 19:56:40
Comments: Hi Robin, how sweet of you to greet me at the entrance to your site...such a cute idea! I saw some of your graphics at a friend's site and am stopping in to take a look at the rest of what you have. My friends page was absolutely gorgeous and the matching link to your site is a great idea!

Name: Marcelle Knudsen
Website: Tahitian Noni Juice
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From: Oregon
Time: 2000-01-18 19:00:19
Comments: Noni beCALM'd

Name: Becky Brouwer
Website: Brouwer Family Homepage
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From: San Jose, CA
Time: 2000-01-17 18:13:31
Comments: I have a small piano studio and like to make information available to my students on our family webpage. I liked your Background 3 of the tour with the treble clef sign and notes, so I downloaded it. Thank you for making your graphics available.

Name: Jenna
Referred by: Yahoo!
Time: 2000-01-16 11:20:47
Comments: Thank you so much for the list of famous Marylanders! i have been searching all over for this for an exam at school! Thanks a bunch, you saved my grade!!!

Name: Gayle & Jim
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Calgary, Canada
Time: 2000-01-15 21:52:23
Comments: Thanks for answering our question "what the heck is OLD BAY SEASONGING"?

Name: Tiffany
Website: Bill N Tiff's Webpage
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From: California
Time: 2000-01-14 17:10:04
Comments: Great site :-) I used one of your bars on my webpage :-) I love all the graphics :-)

Name: Stacey Dyer
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From: Kissimmee Fl
Time: 2000-01-14 09:45:04
Comments: This page is great!!! A friend and I are already planning our first Cookie Exchange for next year. I can't wait! Keep up the good work. Stacey:)

Name: Nancy
Website: Nancy's Place
Referred by: Net Search
From: Texas
Time: 2000-01-13 23:57:17
Comments: I was searching for some backgrounds and buttons for my page when I stumbled upon your themed sets. I fell in love with the Lazy Daisies and decided to use them on my page. Your work is beautiful and I am proud to be displaying it on my homepage. I am new to all of this and hope that I followed the rules for using your graphics. Please let me know if I broke any rules because I would be glad to "fix" it. Thanks again for helping me create a page I can be proud of and that my friends ooh and aah over.

Name: Wil
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: houston, texas
Time: 2000-01-13 01:00:52
Comments: Wow... what a trip down memory lane. Now I want to go digging in boxes to see what I still have. Boy do I remember my *wings*. Thanks for the trip Wil

Name: Alexa
Website: Rainbiow Bridge ~Dedicated To The Loved
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From: China
Time: 2000-01-10 14:11:53
Comments: what a wonderful site! i loved your graphics, they are simply great! i'm hoping to use some on my own site when i update it, manwhile, keep up the good work!

Name: Natalie
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From: IL
Time: 2000-01-09 10:35:16
Comments: Wow Robin, I really love your work. I'm just now working on my page so I haven't used anything yet, but with all of your great stuff I'm sure I will! Thanks!! Natalie

Name: Beth
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From: North Carolina
Time: 2000-01-07 13:02:15
Comments: I'm sitting at work blubbering after reading Puddy's story. It's so hard to let them go but sometimes we have no choice. I had to put my beloved cat Hannah to sleep several years ago and I still cannot think about it without crying. I have three cats now and as of recently 2 dogs. I have not had dogs since I was a small child and have never had indoor dogs. So I really enjoyed your story about Moose. We recently adopted a 2 - 4 year old Golden Retriever/Labmix that wandered into our yard. He turned out to be heartworm positive and after treatment we had to confine him in the house for 1 month. He ripped trim off from around the door frames, destroyed doors, windowsills, and vertical blinds, and peed on carpets, the couch, furniture. He has chewed through 4 wooden gates and two l hogwire fences. He spills/drools water all over the kitchen floor then makes muddy footprints. He killed our duck and would love to snack on the cats if the opportunity arises. But now he's heartworm free, neutered, crate-trained, and house-trained. He hasn't gotten out of the fence this week yet and has only destroyed some weather stripping. He is the happiest, most loving and grateful dog. It is a joy to see his personality emerge as he realizes that he has found a home for life. I hope to have a webpage half as good as yours one day.

Name: Pamela Wells
Website: KEWL Shar Pei
Referred by: Net Search
From: Southern Oregon Coast
Time: 2000-01-06 22:15:23
Comments: Hi Robin, I just read the instructions for using your images again and realized that I haven't put your logo on every page in the set yet, but I will do that asap! Also, obviously, I like the background and the peace images very much. I read the prices but do not see what the cost is for the non-theme pieces. Please let me know so I can get some $$ sent to you asap. All my guests seem to enjoy this new look better too! If you have anything better hiding in a disk drawer, break it out! Thanks, Pamela Wells

Name: carol
Website: Carol's Heaven on Earth
Referred by: I knew you when
From: Canadian eh?
Time: 2000-01-06 20:37:37
Comments: Robin, I like your favorite poem. But in my opinion, it gives the idea that , to be successful, you have t have done all of the things in the poem. Many have never done any of these things, but are still successful. Success is measured with a different yardstick, for each man, woman, or child, depending on the measure they were given when they started out, and how they view success. But, That is just my opinion Robin, Not trying to put a wet blanket on things, So why am I writing this then? Geez, Robin, Im not sure. You have a beautiful Website, Very professional and well done. Thanks for having me, Carol

Name: James Niehaus
Website: iOfficeDaily: Secret Tracking Tricks for Your Marketing
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Time: 2000-01-06 02:35:06
Comments: Cool site, guys. Please stopy by mine when you get a chance.

Name: Anonymous
Website: Directory Assistance Calls
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From: Here and There
Time: 2000-01-05 03:43:59
Comments: You wanted to know if you made anyone made me cry! Just for kicks I visited your site today, and saw that you have my link on your page as a spotlight. You are completely the best, and there's no better person that I'd rather take free graphics from than you! Thanks so much! I'll definately come back to take some more!!! ~~Anonymous

Name: Holly
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
Time: 2000-01-05 01:36:20
Comments: Dear Robin: I finally made it to your website! You are truly a wonder. Just wanted to wish you Happy New Year and hope you give up smoking for good this year!! I'll call you later...lots of love from S.B.! Love, Holly M.

Name: Peter Hanson
Website: 5 Tactics Your Internet Business *Must* Employ *Immediately*
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From: Los Angeles, CA
Time: 2000-01-04 21:31:02
Comments: Hey hey! It's Y2K and the earth is still turning! I guess all the doomsayers were wrong. Nice site here, guys. Please stop by our site, too, when you get a chance:

Name: Elizabeth Rivas
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From: Panamá, Republic of Panamá
Time: 2000-01-04 19:48:45
Comments: Congratulations, Robin! I saw you on Food TV and decided to visit your website, which I find very amusing and interesting, not only for the great recipes you share with us but for all the good memories you bring back from the 70's. Thanks and I wish you continue to have a successful career.

Name: Alicia
Referred by: Net Search
Time: 2000-01-04 15:57:49
Comments: How do you play the duckpin bowling, online or what? Nice site very entertaining!

Name: Nancy
Website: Tis Soon The Season
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From: East Liverpool, Ohio
Time: 2000-01-04 02:23:25
Comments: Great site. You had just what I wanted for my new web pages. Everything is so well organized and easy to visit. Your background choices are dynamic and the way you design your page is verry classy. I enjoyed my visit. Thank you for sharing your wonderful selections of midis and lyrics. I wish you a happy and prosperous New Year.

Name: Sara
Referred by: Yahoo!
From: Ireland
Time: 2000-01-03 14:32:03
Comments: Hi Robin I think you have a great site here. I've told loads of my friends about you. Your "Ms. HTML" section is really useful.

Name: a
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Time: 2000-01-01 17:24:44

Name: Bonnie
Website: Our Lady of Grace School
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From: Castro Valley, Ca.
Time: 2000-01-01 15:37:19
Comments: I like your graphics. I am borrowing one for just awhile. Thanks. I have placed a link back to your website.

Name: Håsse
Website: Dying...
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Beverwijk, The Netherlands
Time: 2000-01-01 13:56:30
Comments: Good site... looking very good!!!

Name: Patty
Website: Patty's Potpourri
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From: Illinois
Time: 1999-12-30 01:26:52
Comments: Robin ... I really enjoyed my visit to your website ... its wonderful ... thanks for sharing :) Wishing you a Happy New Year! Sincerely, Patty

Name: Laura
Website: Laura & Jay's Wedding
Referred by: AOL
From: New Jersey
Time: 1999-12-29 20:26:22
Comments: I like you website and agree to link your site if I use your graphics...but how do I become a member and get a password so that I can access the free graphics?

Name: Susan
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Rockville,MD
Time: 1999-12-28 12:50:05
Comments: Read about you in the Post last week. What a lot of time it must take you to do this! And run a house! You must never sleep! I have done an informal cookie exchange with my neighbors over the past few years - you know plates of treats at Christmas. This year very few of us baked cookies. We are almost out of cookies (with 2 hungry pre-teen boys!) and it is only the 28th! Better for our waists, but sort of depressing. I think it is time for a real exchange. I appreciate your rules etc. Agree with you about the "no no-bakes or choco chips", but think you should also add "no mixes" after I saw the brownie mix cookies from this year's exchange. Granted it was adulterated, but still - please get out the flour - we are all busy!

Website: The CYCO MAXI Page of Suicidal Tendencies, Infectious Grooves and the entire Suicidal Family from Argentina with picz, rarities
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Argentina
Time: 1999-12-28 00:20:36
Comments: How Do You Like Me Now?

Name: manson
Website: Go there and find out!
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From: Sweden
Time: 1999-12-27 06:53:08
Comments: Nice page!

Name: Red e Ray
Website: Big Cookie Online
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From: BC, Canada
Time: 1999-12-26 18:28:25
Comments: Big Cookie loves Robin's page!

Name: Claus Rotter
Website: Occidental & Chinese Astrology
Referred by: Lycos
From: Germany
Time: 1999-12-25 15:12:34
Comments: what a x-mas! wow! it can´t be true! i´m really deep impressed! nevermore in my life i saw a site like this! very special thanx 4 all! very best wishes from claus, fuerth-germany! may all your dreams come true! if you´re interest, visit my site: ***ok, cu again!***

Name: Claus Rotter
Website: Occidental & Chinese Astrology
Referred by: Lycos
From: Germany
Time: 1999-12-25 14:57:57
Comments: what a x-mas! wow! it can´t be true! i´m really deep impressed! nevermore in my life i saw a site like this! very special thanx 4 all! very best wishes from claus, fuerth-germany! may all your dreams come true! if you´re interest, visit my site: ***ok, cu again!***

Name: Michael Fisk
Referred by: Net Search
From: Colorado
Time: 1999-12-25 10:44:08
Comments: I found your site from a search for "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus." This is an all-time favorite of mine right up there with "It's a Wonderful Life" and "Miracle on 34th Street." Thank you for your wonderful reprint of this famous, heartwarming article.

Referred by: Just Surfed On In
Time: 1999-12-24 00:25:38
Comments: I was looking for Elf Bowling and i found you!! I had fun. Hope you have a Merry Christmas. BIG AA

Name: Christi
Website: none
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Wisconsin
Time: 1999-12-23 20:08:31
Comments: Just want to say, I "discovered" this movie about 14 years ago and love it like no other. I watch it not only at Christmas but whenever I want to remember what a "wonderful life" it truly is. My family laugh at me because I have the whole movie memorized but I don't care. I can never get enough of it and cry every time I watch! I love visiting Beford Falls.

Name: lew
Website: my perpetual tides in the english manner
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: NW Indiana
Time: 1999-12-23 06:19:04
Comments: nice job! really enjoyed my visit. i'll be interested in seeing where you take it from here.

Name: Larry Williams
Website: Mubahay! & Go Navy beat Army!
Referred by: NewsGroups
From: Ft. Washington, Md
Time: 1999-12-22 15:04:27
Comments: Hi Robin, I saw your story in the Washington Post and wanted to check it out. Your website is great! Of course, I guess you hear that all the time. I included my website adress and would like you to check it out. If you like what you see, call me on the posted numbers or E-Mail me. I think it has GREAT potential for you. If you have time E-Mail either way to let me know what you think. This is my business site adress that I gave you as I am still working on my personal site. Thankyou for a great site and I hope to hear from you! Larry & Ester Williams Ft. Washington, MD

Name: Robin Burgeson
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Fountain Hills, Arizona
Time: 1999-12-22 14:01:54
Comments: I saw you on the Holiday Cookie Swap and got so excited that I've decided to start one myself next year with my Bunco friends. You have a great bunch of friends!!

Name: Scott Atkinson
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Bishop Monkton, England
Time: 1999-12-22 07:32:47
Comments: I actually read about you in the Washington Post. I don't have the time right now but intend to explore your site later.

Name: Beth Taylor
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Pittsburgh, PA
Time: 1999-12-21 21:20:34
Comments: Saw you on TVFN and I'm inspired to do a cookie exchange party next year. I've told my friends that I will host it annually, can't wait!

Name: Anna Churgai
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Redlands,CA
Time: 1999-12-21 19:23:48
Comments: I saw you on TV last night.

Name: Nelly Santiago
Referred by: NewsGroups
From: Brooklyn, New York
Time: 1999-12-21 17:15:16
Comments: I was watching the Food Television channel and came across the piece that was done on the Cookie exchange. I found it to be a great idea and hope to host one of my own in the near future.

Name: Brandon O'Brien
Website: Chicomal Productions
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Portland
Time: 1999-12-21 13:41:02
Comments: Hey Robin how are you. Got your Xmas card. For Kim: Pretty impressive you found me on the internet you s :-) bag. Robin must have showed you how to use a computer. What the hell is up? Send me your email and phone #. Mine is above and phone is (503) 735-1866. Brandon

Name: Anna
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Atlanta, GA
Time: 1999-12-21 12:28:21
Comments: Hi Robin! I saw you on HGTV last night while watching with my mom. Though only 13, I think that the cookie swap idea is an awesome idea, and I plan to have one next Christmas with my friends. Thanks for the inspiration!

Name: Sara
Website: Poetry Haven
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: U.A.E.
Time: 1999-12-21 08:00:58
Comments: Hey, just wanted to congratulate you on this wonderful site!! I loved the inspiration section of your website. Keep up the good work :0) Don't forget to visit my website!!

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