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Name: Lon Thomas
Website: Java For Jesus
Referred by: A basic Web Search
From: Sarasota, Fl
Time: 1999-11-05 08:32:11
Comments: Your work is lovely Robin . . . thanks. It sure would be nice to see your hand with some Christian work. Blessings to ya', Lon

Name: Melody LeCount
Referred by: From a Webring
From: Acworth, GA
Time: 1999-11-05 02:51:01
Comments: I also love IAWL. The den in my house is decorated all year long with IAWL stuff.

Name: Ancel
Website: D Filipino Connection
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Philippines
Time: 1999-11-05 00:09:28
Comments: Hello Robin! ;-) Very nice web site you've created here. I enjoyed touring your pages. Great graphics by the way. ;-) Keep up the wonderful work that you do. >>>~~~Ancel~~~

D Filipino Connection

Name: 123
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Time: 1999-11-04 18:47:00
Comments: cool

Name: rediska
Website: The Site Of The Universe
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From: Antarctida
Time: 1999-11-04 12:29:57
Comments: I do like your site

Name: Christina
Website: Christmas from Texas Under Construction...
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From: Texas
Time: 1999-11-04 10:59:27
Comments: Robin, Just a quick note to let you know that I've used some of your graphics on my Christmas website which is just getting under construction. Not much there right now, but I'm a "stickler" for rules so letting you know they are there. Thanks. I'll contact you again soon with updates. Christina

Name: Helen Blank
Website: Happy Labs
Referred by: From a Webring
From: Pennsylvania
Time: 1999-11-02 22:50:59
Comments: Hi Robin and Moose. I decided to surf through the Ring-o-Labrats to see what was new and I found your new page on Moose! I come by and check our your graphics occasionally so I was surprised to see your page on him. Oh, I just love your description of owing a Labrador and I know exactly what you are saying. I am so glad you stuck it out through Moose's puppyhood. It is hard for me to believe sometimes how bad my yellow girl Casey was as a pup--seeing her now so well behaved.

Come visit us at Happy Labs. I am learning how to use PSP now and have made some of my own background sets.

Also, come visit my original Happy Labs site:

Name: Erika
Website: Thanksgiving Page
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From: Bangor, Maine
Time: 1999-11-02 18:29:27
Comments: Thanks you for the nice pictures I use some of them for my Web Page, Great looking web pages. It looks as you put a great deal of thought and work into it. I explored all your pages. Thank you!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! Erika

Name: Valerie Bailey
Website: ValGal's Loads Of Postcard Links
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From: The Peach State :)
Time: 1999-11-01 16:59:20
Comments: Hi Robin-I obeyed the little voices in my head and am now here signing your guestbook :o)I love your work! The psycedelic(sp?) backgrounds are fabulous. It is obvious that you put ALOT of time and effort into your site and I just wanted to thank you for sharing your wonderful graphics.*Smile*

Name: Steen Elvekjær
Website: Steen's Hjemmeside
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From: Denmark
Time: 1999-10-30 10:40:42
Comments: Hi! Very nice. I really enjoyed it. Thank you!...Visit mine! Award....

Name: Sue
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From: Ma.
Time: 1999-10-29 23:08:49
Comments: I LOVE IT'S A WONDEFUL LIFE. And to find others who appreciate this movie as much as I do is a huge treat. My entire family are fanatics too. I just purchased my first home and my brother-in-law came to my house with a stick of bread, a bottle of wine and a container of salt. BEST house warming present I could have ever received. Keep up the great work!!!

Name: jennifer
Website: The Sacred Spiral
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From: Ontario, Canada
Time: 1999-10-29 16:15:01
Comments: Really enjoyed a quick trip through your garden especially now that my garden outside here is done for the season. You can see other pictures of herbs and stuff at my web site, url above. Maybe we could exchange links?

Website: n/a
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From: Tampa, Fl
Time: 1999-10-29 13:12:36
Comments: I love your pages. I tried to copy your name off the back ground (just your name) seing as we share the name. would love to put it on my desktop. thanks for the pics. Happy Holidays!!!!!! Harmony & Peace: Robin

Name: Jamil Smash
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From: NewYork
Time: 1999-10-28 12:22:43
Comments: I really enjoyed the site. It gets me in the Halloween spirit!!

Name: Alyssa
Website: It's a Wonderful Life Tribute
Referred by: From a Friend
From: CA
Time: 1999-10-26 23:15:01

My compliments on  a great It's a Wonderful Life page!  Love the graphics!

Best Regards,


Name: Stevie
Website: Visual Diary
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From: NYC
Time: 1999-10-25 17:38:31
Comments: Robin....i LOVE your page ....haven't even seen everything yet , but i've bookmarked it so i can come back ...had to stop to do my "job" first and let you know i was here and thoroughly enjoyed my stay...i love the mouseovers too...what a great job you did here...WOW!!

Name: Dianne
Website: The Oaks Museum
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From: Portland, OR
Time: 1999-10-24 12:02:07
Comments: You have a great site, I didn't have enough time today to view all of it. Your "Bad puns" are super ! Thank you.

Name: Cindy Prewitt
Website: Under Construction!
Referred by: Crescendo Cool Site
From: California
Time: 1999-10-23 08:58:00
Comments: Very nice site! Beautiful graphics, and sooo easy to navigate! I'll be back! Thanks! (Also good music!)

Name: John Santangelo
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From: Sydney Australia
Time: 1999-10-23 05:20:40
Comments: Excellant site

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From: vimmerby, sweden
Time: 1999-10-22 01:26:42
Comments: hi from me in sweden, nice site

Name: Fraser Beach
Website: The location of your next home
Referred by: From an Award RW received
From: Toronto, Canada
Time: 1999-10-21 22:21:39
Comments: Great site Robin!

Name: sandy
Referred by: Digital Divas
From: ny
Time: 1999-10-20 02:06:46
Comments: So nice to actually SEE one of the Divas! Can't wait to surf your site. It looks great so far! --a Divas fan

Name: Shari Lyne
Website: Lynstorm's Kennelz
Referred by: A basic Web Search
Time: 1999-10-18 01:38:50
Comments: I'm just starting a kidz/young at heart webpage, and downloaded your Icey Jewel and Pearly theme set. I'm still trying to decide the design/layout, but wanted to let you know I enjoyed the sets. I'll definately link back, and have bookmarked you so I can check back. The Pearly set I just might use for a "face change" at my other webpage. Again, I'll be more than happy to link back! Great work, thanks a millenium *winks and grins*

Name: dawn raymer (red wiggler)
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Time: 1999-10-16 23:43:53
Comments: too cool

Name: stacie trosper
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From: oregon
Time: 1999-10-16 13:43:48
Comments: this is a great page!!

Name: Anne L. Goldman
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Time: 1999-10-15 17:51:18
Comments: Robin, you're very special. Anne

Name: Rose
Website: nil
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From: Nova Scotia
Time: 1999-10-14 10:32:36
Comments: Graet site man, real cool

Name: Lukman Herry / Acuan
Website: Acuan Corner
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From: Jakarta, Indonesia
Time: 1999-10-14 07:08:50
Comments: :) Great site! (: I'm really enjoyed my visit. I'll return.

Name: Hugh Ansley
Website: None
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From: Camden, S.C.
Time: 1999-10-13 14:16:49

Name: Pat Alter
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: Bremerton, Washington
Time: 1999-10-12 21:37:57
Comments: Started planning a cookie exchange for the nurses at my hospital, saw you menu and entered. Iam so glad I did. What a great web site and great recipes. Thank You

Name: S. Carter
Website: Y2K
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: Augusta, GA USA
Time: 1999-10-12 01:44:35
Comments: Robin, Love your site!!! I have made some errors (stealing) that I didn't know about until I read your Ms. HTML. Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I am very new to the HTML world, sorry. I plan on someday putting some of your things on my site just as soon as I figure out how. God Bless You, S. Carter

Name: George Cadero
Website: Gecadero's Midi Page
Referred by: I knew you when
From: Pacific Northwest
Time: 1999-10-11 10:21:03
Comments: Your site looks very nice, love the design and graphics! Been awhile since I've been here, and changed my URL.

Name: Tracie Bezerra
Website: The Bezerra Family Homepage
Referred by: From a Webring
From: Davis, CA
Time: 1999-10-09 01:27:13
Comments: Just wanted to let you know that I have used some more of your graphics: the opal set at and the kidblock set at Your graphics are wonderful and they now appear on 4 of my pages. Thanks again!

Name: Anna Ellis
Website: none yet sorry
Referred by: From a Webring
Time: 1999-10-08 08:33:51
Comments: liked your work with flowers would like to know if you plant mums and do you know if there are mum seeds to buy anywhere in this world? always seeing mums but never seeds. thanks anna

Name: Nel & Cher
Referred by: Someone told me to come here
From: Florida
Time: 1999-10-08 08:04:10
Comments: Very nice, and so true! We have found that: Hearing Jesus, the Living Word of God, is the first important step. LISTENING to one another while considering each other's input as your merging or sifting ideas for the best conclusions is a vital recipe for peace. AND, also, talking with each other as if you are face to face with Jesus.Blessings!(cdnpre)

Name: Jan Scott
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: Sacramento, California
Time: 1999-10-07 15:52:06
Comments: Was looking for advice on organizing a Christmas cookie exchange at work. There your site was: Number 1 on the list furnished by the search engine.

Name: Barbara Long
Website: Voodoo Daddy's Home Page (my son's page)
Referred by: A basic Web Search
From: Huntsville, AL, USA
Time: 1999-10-07 00:16:55
Comments: Great site. I'm sure I'll be back often. I have 3 web sites right now, and I'm always looking for cool stuff to update with which to update them. I'll be updating my son's site in the next couple of days with the stuff I found here.

Name: Dale DuBois
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: now, puyallup wa. then spfld.,ill.
Time: 1999-10-07 00:05:50
Comments: great job! robin, i"m one of your unknown peers from that GREAT time, [class of 77] i was in the longhair, freak,stoners, heads[pick one or all] crowd. graduated by the skin of my teeth[but i finished!] i am very grateful for growing up in the 60s+70s, it was better, guns werent a requirement yet. part of me is still there[keeps you young you know] Have still had my hair mostly longer over the years, i"ve been at Boeing in seattle 13 years now a respectable member of society[and they said we"d never amount to nuthin!] My 8 year old son likes the 70s Show, he said the other day "i wish i could go back in time with you and see what it was like", i thought that was pretty cool. i thought hell i"d like to go back now and then too, had mostly pretty good times those days. i even went to my 10+20 reunions, was dissapointed alot of folks i ran with didnt make it, but my crowd was never to big on tradition. my 1st car was a 65 corvair, great car! we used to take the hood off which was the trunk and with a few people sitting in the trunk go out cruisin[got stopped a couple times, but no ticket] I"ve got 4 of the OLD ones now, 67 fairlane, 69 charger, 70 firebird and a 71 mach 1, no show cars just nice looking street cruisers. hope this wasnt too long but i really liked your spot. drop a line if you can. bring back "fizzies', you know drop them in a glass of water, different flavors, dissolved like alka seltzers. Later

Name: Joe Comiskey
Website: Mad's Recipe Emporium
Referred by: From a Webring
From: Western MA
Time: 1999-10-05 22:34:48
Comments: Hi There,
    It's been a while since I have taken a cyber-tour to visit all of the great recipe sites on the web.   As you can see, today I made it to your site.   Great work.
    If you get a chance, come by and visit me at my site.   Don't forget to sign my guest book while you are there.   If you like what you see, please don't keep it a secret; tell everyone that you know.

Mad's Recipe Emporium

Name: Sharra
Referred by: A basic Web Search
From: The Netherlands, but go to school in Indiana
Time: 1999-10-05 20:55:33
Comments: Hey nice site....very amusing...

Name: Cathy Lewis
Referred by: Someone told me to come here
From: Mechanicsville, Maryland
Time: 1999-10-03 12:32:26
Comments: Hi, I'm Bobbie's niece (Aunt Berta to me), she told me about your site, it's great. So you just happened upon web design??? I certainly wouldn't know it by looking at it. She said that you just got a job with an Elementary School. I'm teaching teachers how to use computers in three elementary schools. If you need some good links to sites, take a look at the site and there are links to all the elementary school site in Charles County, some are better than others. One of my favorite links is to, you can type in words and make your own puzzles. I bought a book call "Learn HTML in a Weekend" while I was pregnant, but so far haven't had a weekend to try. I teach the teachers how to use Word to make web pages or more like start pages. I also have Frontpage and have played around with it, but nothing concrete yet. I'm very impressed with your website.

Name: wayne kicklighter
Referred by:
From: maryland
Time: 1999-10-02 14:43:09
Comments: hi iam from baltimore n i like bowling a lot i have won two 1 place trophy i in a mix league n 1 on a men league i have been bwling seen i was 11 n now i am 24 n i hope for many more years

Name: Richard or Linda F Simonds
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: MI
Time: 1999-10-02 10:08:21
Comments: Great work Robin!

Name: Brittany
Website: Brittany's Website
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: Florida
Time: 1999-09-30 20:20:04
Comments: Hi Robin... I love your backgrounds and stuff...I enjoyed my visit here very much...When you have the chance, please come by and visit my homepage...Take care...byebye ~HUG~ Brittany

Name: Annette Lucius
Website: None
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: Washington state
Time: 1999-09-29 20:23:08
Comments: You are incredibly talented and I will be visiting your sight Often! Thanks for all the unique and interesting areas of your web. It's the best one I've seen ! :)

Name: Adrienne Howes
Referred by: A link on Someone's Site
From: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Time: 1999-09-29 18:40:49
Comments: FABULOUS!!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Thankyou so much for all the woderful graphics.

Name: RiRi
Website: RiRi's CyberHaven
Referred by: A link on Someone's Site
From: Colorful Connecticut USA
Time: 1999-09-29 03:52:47
Comments: hello Robin, your work is wonderful. You have one of the best sites online for graphic diversity. Your talent is remarkable. Thanks you for sharing.
RiRi's CyberHaven - Allow the music to wash over your soul