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Name: catie, spaced_out
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: canada
Time: 1999-06-23 03:08:32
Comments: i like the jokes and other stuff it's a cool page and it seems pretty clean and that is nice

Name: Sarah
Website: Splinky*s Creative Web Sets
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: Illinois
Time: 1999-06-22 23:58:05
Comments: Robin, your site is fantastic. I find interesting tidbits everytime I come to visit! I just wanted to let you know that I got my new graphics site going...please come for a visit and let me know what you think! :)

Name: Lee Miles
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: Whittier, california
Time: 1999-06-22 21:52:11
Comments: Remember Dairy queen, Farrell's ice cream parlors,and Dunckin donut's? We don't have any of those any more. The seventies had all of them. One could get a banana split for 50 cents and an ice cream cone for 20 cents.Also remember cactus cooler and pop rocks? TV shows like Chips, BJ and the Bear, Fantasy Island, Love Boat (original), etc. all of this brings back memories1

Name: Sheri
Website: Gumby's BSB Fiction Page
Referred by: A link on Someone's Site
From: USA
Time: 1999-06-22 18:55:37
Comments: I wanted to use some graphics

Name: Don Geske
Website: Deam the Dream Of Angels
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: Coeur d'Alene, Idaho U.S.A.
Time: 1999-06-22 18:16:34
Comments: I have sent you an email also. This has been one of the most enjoyable afternoons surfing through your pages and looking at your work. It has given me so many ideas for my own homepage to improve it. I only wish I had been here to see your wonderful work first. Each page is more wonderful than the last. I have no favorites they are all great. Everyone I know who is looking for art work for their pages will be sent here. Beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Arislyn
Website: Arislyn's Tower
Referred by: A basic Web Search
From: USA
Time: 1999-06-22 12:32:22
Comments: I just wanted to let you know that these are some of the best graphics I've seen in a long time. I'll probably be copying some for my own page. Unfortunately, I'm at work at the moment. ("No, no . . really! I'm being productive!") It may be a few days before I get around to changing anything, so don't be alarmed if you drop by and nothing is there. I promise, a link is going to your page whether I use any of your graphics or not. These are too good not to share!

Name: Nic
Website: Fine Line
Referred by: A link on Someone's Site
From: Canada
Time: 1999-06-21 23:55:35
Comments: Cool site. That's all. Nic

Name: Jana
Website: White Pearl
Referred by: A basic Web Search
From: Norman, Oklahoma
Time: 1999-06-21 01:25:43
Comments: I LOVE this site!! Every page I pull up it inspires me to make another page! You have worked VERY hard on this site and it really shows. I thank you SO much for all the inspirations and the graphics....if and when I decide which ones I want to use! You are very creative and this is one awesome site! Thanks a lot! And keep up the excellent work!-Jana

Name: Ward Steinbach
Website: still building it
Referred by: A link on Someone's Site
From: dallas tx
Time: 1999-06-20 21:27:34
Comments: I just wanted to say that I think you have a nice web page and I hope that I can do just as well

Name: deneb
Referred by: A basic Web Search
From: Phoenix, AZ
Time: 1999-06-20 18:35:47
Comments: This site is absolutely incredible

Name: Nobby Fagundes
Referred by: Crescendo Cool Site
From: Orcutt California 93455-4907
Time: 1999-06-20 01:08:19
Comments: Enjoyed your music and the great homepage. I don't have a homepage yet. I'm trying to learn how to put it together.

Name: Robert Cross
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: Kansas
Time: 1999-06-19 23:50:09
Comments: Robin; I loved your joke section & sent it to my sister.Tommorow you will be flooded with visitors.Her mailing list is a type written page & a half. Your Friend; Bob Cross

Name: D. Hanson
Website: Alcohol: Problems and Solutions
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: Potsdam, NY
Time: 1999-06-19 20:42:30
Comments: Great site!

Name: Lynne
Website: Sisters of the Golden Moon LTD
Referred by: Someone told me to come here
From: The Stars
Time: 1999-06-19 20:27:26
Comments: Greetings,

The founders of Sisters of the Golden Moon, LTD. wish to formally launch our group with an invitation to visit our site at: We invite you to visit our Universe and become acquainted with our exclusive group!

Sisters of the Golden Moon, LTD is fashioned in a celestial theme consisting of Our Universe which encompasses all members. We believe every female is a star in her own right and we have chosen the title Star for all members. Stars form constellations and we have formed four constellations for your review.

Please accept this letter as a formal invitation to view our site and consider supporting Sisters of the Golden Moon, LTD. with your exclusive membership. We promise to proclaim you a star sister and have a program in place which we feel will enhance your online realm. We have assorted activities for you to align with in the form of Constellations.

Please give us your comments on Sisters of the Golden Moon, LTD ... we're interested in your first impression and we are open for suggestions!


Lipstick, MysticalRose, LadyRedRo§e
Founders, Sisters of the Golden Moon, LTD.

Name: Marcia Davison
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: Granville, Ohio USA
Time: 1999-06-19 13:13:52
Comments: You have a GREAT site. I spent alot of time here and still haven't finished. I know I will be back to view more of your stuff. Keep up the good work.

Name: Michael
Referred by: Someone told me to come here
From: ala
Time: 1999-06-19 11:25:43
Comments: i like your site we need more like it

Name: Sho Sawada
Website: Sho's revised USFDons homepage
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: Berkeley, California
Time: 1999-06-18 22:56:08
Comments: You have a very nice site...keep up the good work.

Name: Tom Serowski
Referred by: Crescendo Cool Site
From: Spokane WA
Time: 1999-06-18 19:07:13
Comments: I like your site very much

Name: Katie Lundgren
Website: Katie's World
Referred by: A link on Someone's Site
From: Indiana
Time: 1999-06-17 23:25:17
Comments: Robin, I would like to let you know that I plan on useing your graphics on my page that I am starting. Thanks, Katie

Name: Leni
Referred by: A link on Someone's Site
From: USA/TX
Time: 1999-06-17 11:52:34
Comments: Awesome site!! I felt like a kid on Christmas Day. Found the backgrounds I needed and will gladly link back to you. Keep up the great work!!!!

Name: Robin Weaving
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: London, England
Time: 1999-06-17 09:12:31
Comments: I was justed looking around for a page with my name and I found this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Cheryl
Website: Cheyjohn Caviary
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: Indiana
Time: 1999-06-16 18:02:06
Comments: Hi Robin! Haven't been to your site for awhile so thought I would see what is new. Wow! Is there alot of new things! So many new theme sets that I just love, how will I be able to use them all? :) I may be redoing my site soon, and will definitely be taking another look around your graphics for ideas! And I promise to email you and let you know when I put them on my page! I wouldn't want the graphics police to come and arrest me if I didn't! :) Thanks for all the hard work and beautiful ideas!

Name: Terri McPherson
Website: WiseHearts! Universal Hope For A WiseHearted Planet!
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: Ontario, Canada
Time: 1999-06-16 01:44:59
Comments: Robin! This is one of the most creative and fun web sites I've ever had the pleasure of visiting. You are a creative wonder!!!

Name: evan
Referred by: A basic Web Search
From: west chester PA
Time: 1999-06-15 13:24:28
Comments: Here is Casey at the Bat: Later that Night my version Upon the stricken multitude grim melancholy sat even though the fans had witnessed Casey's getting to the bat it's not that it wasn't a spectacle, for it was just that you know but it was that Casey didn't hit the ball, not with his mighty blow now the fans are sobbing and crying to the amazement of them all one man tried to kill himself for off the stands he'd fall now Casey sports a coat and hat and one very gloomy frown they hoped of Casey's strength but then he let them down 'twas the evening of the strikeout that this next tale came upon a story of two dark men in masks; one named Bill and one named Ron they marched into that parlor to see what had go wrong and all they saw was plenty faces, mourning, sad and long men told them of the strikeout and Mudville's sickly fate of Jimmy's blazing double and of Casey at the plate they told them of the rumbling yell that had risen from the stand they told them of the hope and joy before great Casey fanned Bill much hated Casey for taking his place on the team he gave a look of despair, then a wicked smile gleamed Ron knew what was upon him for he had seen it once before and at that gruesome time he wished to see it nevermore Bill rushed into the Men's room and began to brew his plan Ron pulled out two dark gray masks from the back seat of the van he feared Bill's evil mind and wished to tell the whole but Bill pulled out his .45 and Ron swore to tell no soul The ran around the building and appeared close to the back a crow bar to break in the door came out from Bill's napsack Bill cracked the lock and busted in , arriving in the kitchen the room smelled of old casseroles and an old pail used for fishin they sneaked around the sitting room and hustled through the bar not one eye seemed to catch them, not one mouth seemed ajar into the secret dining room the two villians quietly stepped this was the room where sad Casey had eaten and now slept Ron knew it wasn't right but still he went along he gazed at sleeping Casey who looked oh so strong Bill pulled out the handheld weapon and aimed toward the sturdy man and Ron, still in terror, tripped and fell into a fan CLANG! went the metal and great Casey woke in fright but more startled was he to see these two men of the night Bill asked what his last words were and Casey didn't say Casey stared down the evil gunman and pleaded he go away Ron then gained his balance and hopped up to his friend's side he took one peak at Casey and saw his eyes opened wide Bill squeezed the trigger gently and Casey screamed in plead Ron was dreaming in his mind that it was Bill that would bleed One measly voice was shouting as the bullet took its course Two eyes were on the bullet as it struck the man with force but Ron had jumped out in the air to save the burly man's head two men now lie in pools of blood, which one is truly dead? somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright the band is playing somewhere, somewhere hearts are light somewhere men are laughing, somewhere children are not but there is no joy in mudville- mighty Casey has been shot!

Name: Kelly
Website: Kelly's Homepage
Referred by: A link on Someone's Site
From: USA
Time: 1999-06-15 10:49:14
Comments: I'm using your poppies background. I like your "Kiss from a Rose" midi! Keep up the good work!

Name: PhilDaPoohBear
Website: PhilDaPoohBear's Cyber Home
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: Gurnee, IL usa
Time: 1999-06-15 03:12:37
Comments: WOW, great looking site you have here. all my respects!! keep up the great work or how we say in german *mach weiter so!!* :-) hope you also like my page. regards from PhilDaPoohBear

Name: Hans & Thomas
Website: Institute for Astroenergetic Studies
Referred by: From an Award RW gave
From: Planet Ireland
Time: 1999-06-14 23:36:20
Comments: Magically transferred into your guestbook we like to send you a couple of magical rainbows from Ireland, Love Hans & Thomas (IAS)

Name: Conrad mauer
Referred by: Digital Divas
From: Haven
Time: 1999-06-14 18:22:25
Comments: Excellent page. I had quite a laugh. All the links, articles, or whatever you call them, were very good.

Name: Mary
Website: Phils Memorial
Referred by: Someone told me to come here
From: Florida/Arizona
Time: 1999-06-14 16:05:05
Comments: Ilove your page! I made a copy for my fiance. We're getting married this summer. I'll be back I'm sure. ::)) Thanx.

Name: gekoechig
Website: Villa-Hammerstein
Referred by: A Newsletter
From: Germany
Time: 1999-06-14 14:26:01
Comments: Hey is very great on your Web !

Name: Strawberrydoll2
Website: Strawberry Zone Resource Page
Referred by: A link on Someone's Site
From: Missouri, USA
Time: 1999-06-14 11:58:21
Comments: This is a terrific site! I loved reading about you and your pets, also your friend. Take care!

Name: Marsha C.
Referred by: Someone told me to come here
From: Boston, MA
Time: 1999-06-14 08:27:41
Comments: I love this web page. It has some great tips on marriage. Keep up the good work. Excellent!!!!

Name: Kenny
Referred by: From a Webring
From: Panama City, FLORIDA
Time: 1999-06-13 13:23:27
Comments: I had bookmarked your garden site the other day. You have a beautiful home and a lovely garden!!! But today I went back and discovered all of the other wonderful things you have in here. You have a truly Awesome site!!! This is one of the best I've ever seen!!!! Fantastic Job.


Name: Jennie
Website: Eagles Rest
Referred by: A Newsletter
From: Tennessee
Time: 1999-06-13 08:09:07
Comments: Thanks for sharing all your hard work. God's love and blessings to you all!

Name: Chaoliang Yang
Referred by: I knew you when
From: Germany
Time: 1999-06-12 21:21:13
Comments: Fantastic work.

Name: Rob Cooper
Website: Former Fat
Referred by: A link on Someone's Site
From: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Time: 1999-06-12 20:05:00
Comments: well done Robin! Winner of many awards (as it should be) Where inn the world am I?... where in the world are you?

Name: G Mash
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: NC, USA
Time: 1999-06-12 16:53:20
Comments: I think your page is great, I never really knew the correct words to Stairway to Heaven, now I know, GREAT WORK!!

Name: Sarah B.
Website: In My Mind's Eye
Referred by: A basic Web Search
From: Illinois
Time: 1999-06-12 13:57:15
Comments: Robin, great work! Just wanted to stop by and say hi. You know I love your page! Thanks again for the help!! *hugs* Sarah

Name: Erika A. Lockhart
Website: Fiatgirl Recommends Books & More!
Referred by: A link on Someone's Site
From: San Francisco, CA, USA
Time: 1999-06-11 23:52:04
Comments: I am very new at this and have been surfing around looking for ideas to help me get people to my site. Don't know whether I qualify for any awards yet. Am going to check out the HTML site you recommend and see if there is anything I can do to make the site better. May take awhile because I have over forty pages in my site! I really appreciate what all the people are doing out there to review web sites and select good ones. I go to some trouble to make sure that the links I offer are good sites, and it takes a lot of time. Keep up the good work!

Name: sam&summer wos ere '99' + they rule the world for eva+eva
Website: freeserve
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: i am not sure yet, i am still trying to find my soul
Time: 1999-06-09 15:14:04
Comments: Ive tried to find me soul but me didnt make it me tried to find it all ova tis eart, but me dont
got it any more me spelling aint no good i aint got non famili and me live in a box in te high street under
harrods. tey dont haf hurt when tey push us off te steps, my soul is los eva+eva+eva+eva+eva+eva+eva+eva
boo hoo :-((

Name: Tina
Website: Women's Self Defense & Rape Prevention
Referred by: A Newsletter
From: Ohio
Time: 1999-06-07 22:32:41
Comments: Hi Robin, Really enjoyed my visit, have you bookmarked and will be back for updates. I just wanted to say what a Beautiful job you did on your graphics, backgrounds, ect. I loved your layout, everything was so prepared and easy to access. I know you put a lot of long hours creating this web site and I just want to say Thank You for doing so. Thanks for creating such an Outstanding & Unique site for all to view. Take Care and keep up the awesome work.
Women's Self Defense & Rape Prevention

Name: Crazy Ray
Website: Crazy Ray's Place
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: My Mother...I don't believe her...hahaha...Maine USA
Time: 1999-06-06 01:27:17
Comments: Hey...Wicked cool layout design you have here. Nice Job!! I's like to award you my Creativity award if you'll accept it. I do not give this award out lightly. Your site has surpassed the stringent requirements I have posted. I'll be coming back here often !! Nice job on your creativity & talent of webpage design.Please email me corrospondence of acceptance or waive' of my highest award. Sincerely, Crazy Ray

Name: Darlene
Website: Dar's Designs
Referred by: A link on Someone's Site
From: Ohio
Time: 1999-06-05 08:01:58

Name: Paul Francis
Website: none at this time
Referred by: Crescendo Cool Site
From: Ohio
Time: 1999-06-04 10:03:43
Comments: Thanks for a very special page with excellent information, some inspirational, some witty, some very touching. Yours is a site that others should aspire to follow. Please keep adding to the positive which hopefully will help negate so much which is negitive or in poor taste on much of the net.

Name: Darlene
Referred by: Someone told me to come here
From: Florida
Time: 1999-06-02 15:01:05
Comments: Your website is and inspiraton. I have two encouraging 1(poem) and 1(story) that you may be interested in putting on your site. If so please contact me.Darlene

Name: Jennifer Barth
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: Delaware
Time: 1999-06-02 01:17:28
Comments: I loved the jokes. I needed a good laugh and the jokes did that for me. Keep up the good work. I love your site. Thank you for sharing.

Name: kathie eue
Website: still working on it.
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: denver colorado
Time: 1999-06-01 21:06:06
Comments: I am a new student to the wonderful world of web pages. I love your site. It is giving me great ideas! I am working on a personal web page as a project for school. I am working towards an associates degree at Denver Technical College. I will send you my web page info as soon as I am complete. Wish me luck!!! :) Kathie Eue

Name: Arden Davidson
Website: The Arden Pages
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: Ohio
Time: 1999-06-01 13:17:49
Comments: I hope you enjoy my page as much as I've enjoyed yours!

Name: TLynn
Website: For Those Who Care
Referred by: Someone told me to come here
From: Az
Time: 1999-05-31 09:50:57
Comments: So glad to have been sent your page. I have enjoyed it so much

Name: Christine Cox
Website: CC's Place
Referred by: Just surfed on in!
From: Agency, Iowa
Time: 1999-05-30 03:43:13
Comments: Hello Robin, I'm just starting out on the internet and I'm afraid I'm not very good at it yet. My website is not up and running yet, as I'm having trouble uploading the files. I've used some of your page sets in it. They are very nice. Thanks, CC.

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