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Name: Debbie
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: u know
Time: 1997-12-27 19:13:17
Comments: hey whats up your page is looking better I haven't seen it in a while. I love the page on the kids, its great. call me later

Name: Art Martin
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Columbus, OH
Time: 1997-12-26 06:21:05
Comments: I really enjoyed your UFO letter and hearing about the sighting. I wish you and your family the best of luck this new year.

Name: Donald Harrison
Website: 1st cup (THE NOOK)
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Corry, PA
Time: 1997-12-25 22:55:09
Comments: Nice site...Mine is very young yet and am still learning ..more and more each day... Hope you don't mind if I link to your cooking!! Link you from my recipe page (work in progress as is the whole site :-) I'll be back, Donald

Name: Michael Mott
Website: Michael Carl Mott's Home Page
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Mansfield OH 44907-3503 USA
Time: 1997-12-25 00:50:12
Comments: We. 12-24-1997, 7:37 P. M., Eastern Time Robin, I am new to viewing the Cool Crescendo Site of the Day. Unless I or America Online did something wrong, LiveUpdate still has the same SOD, as they had Tu. 12-23. However, I do have your site among my AOL Favorite Places, so I'll probably visit you again, even if LiveUpdate eventually has a SOD other than your site.

Name: Judy Pausley
Website: Pausley Home Page
Referred by: Word of Mouth
From: Troy, NY
Time: 1997-12-24 18:08:02
Comments: Great page! Now I know why I wasn't chosen to be featured. Your page is fantastic

Name: Tom Griffin
Website: The Griffin Lair
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Jackson Michigan
Time: 1997-12-24 17:31:00
Comments: Wow! What an excellant homepage! This page sure inspires us to try harder! Keep up the good work.

Name: Bobby Hayes
Website: Bobby's World
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Montgomery, Al. 36108
Time: 1997-12-24 15:27:35
Comments: Great page,Robin. Much work,and a whole bunch of artistic talent is reflected in your page. I really like it. Sincerely, Bobby

Name: Cricket
Website: Mom o' 4's Animal House
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Baltimore, MD
Time: 1997-12-24 00:41:41
Comments: Hi Robin!! I love your homepage!! You've done a nice job here. I've enjoyed visiting your links and I will be sure to visit the ones I've missed. Take care!! Cricket

Name: Bobby Thekkekandam
Website: The Land of the Phat
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Raleigh, NC
Time: 1997-12-23 14:13:56
Comments: Awesome page! It really has something for everyone!

Name: Jeff Stone
Website: Creative Web Site Design
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Nepean, Ontario, Canada
Time: 1997-12-23 02:03:43
Comments: Hi Robin, Nice site! Haven't had the time to take a good look around yet, but it looks pretty good! Thanks for taking the time to check out my sites and givining some feedback on them. Make sure the next time you stop by that you sign my guestbook as well :-) Have a great Holiday season! Jeff

Name: Jacquie Ansell
Website: Colline and Jacquie's Christmas Pages
Referred by: Word of Mouth
From: Jac is from CA; Col is from NY
Time: 1997-12-22 19:51:21
Comments: Happy Holidays Robin! Thank-you so much for our wonderful award! This is our first, and we're really proud of it!! I love your pages..I plan on coming back and spending lots of time here!! Great Job! Again, Thanks for the award, we'll show if off proudly! Jacquie

Name: Laren Leonard
Website: Crabbing - All About Blue Crabs
Referred by: Word of Mouth
From: Annapolis, Md
Time: 1997-12-22 00:48:55
Comments: Greetings,Thanks for the link and kind words about my site. Your site is right out there on the "bleeding edge" of technology! Good Luck. Regards,Laren
Anyone hungry out there? If you're not now, you will be after visiting the most extensive resource on Maryland Blue Claw Crabs on the WWW!! - Robin :)

Name: Richard Green
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Time: 1997-12-21 14:44:02
Comments: Great Home Page. I love to get insights into people's lives and what is important to them. Your site reflects those qualities. The more I surf the 'net, the more I see the world has a huge majority of caring people who love to share with and help others. So thanks very much, I hope you wonderful people have a peaceful and blessed Christmas and a very happy New Year. Best Regards, Rick, Pat, Katie & Matthew. (Cairns, Australia)
Thank you for your very kind words, come back again soon!!

Name: GoBananas
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Hawaii
Time: 1997-12-21 09:46:32
Comments: ok ok...I will sign. I like cats, so I'm doing it for Fuzzy and his harness story. I don't think people learn very well. It's thinking that lifes so easy, that's makes it so hard. Most people are stuck so badly, that they dont see where they are or where they are going...or where they have been. I can say this, because I like the picture you paint with your web site. And I like your words of wisdom, cause I learned alot of that the hard way. So, keep doing what your doing and keep being yourself, cause when it's all said and done it will be your picture you have painted.
Come back in a few weeks, I have a great Fuzzy story I will be posting. Thank you for your sentiments!

Name: Marilyn Falcon
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Michigan
Time: 1997-12-20 22:22:14
Comments: Hi! Great site--love the jokes. The music is great, too.

Name: Randy Bennett
Website: Newfoundland Bridge Page
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Newfoundland
Time: 1997-12-20 20:08:43
Comments: Hi nice home page ... i can appreciate the amount of work you've put into it as i have a 50 page web site myself. I'm passing your URL on to a few of my friends ... like you said, it has something for everyone ... I found your site at Crescendo ... regards Randy "racoon" Bennett

Name: Gophergolf
Website: GopherGolf
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: CAlifornia
Time: 1997-12-20 04:32:14

Name: Mandi
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: USA
Time: 1997-12-20 03:19:04
Comments: Hey, you did a very nice job on your site. :)

Name: Allison (Band) & Andy Levine
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Sherman Oaks, CA
Time: 1997-12-19 02:42:37

Name: Jann
Website: Jann's PA Dutch Kitchen
Referred by: From Geocities
From: Baltimore, MD (PA originally)
Time: 1997-12-17 11:04:00
Comments: WOW!!!! What a lot of stuff you have here....I did have you bookmarked and I did return, and will be back. Your recipes and "calendar" idea is excellent! Hope it is okay to link your page to mine. I had been wanting to do a whole month of recipes, and then just repeat, but, I hate to reinvent the wheel. Your menus are wonderful....MD crab meat and Old Bay seafood seasoning and Barbequing and all.....Love the oldies, but I mentioned that yesterday! I just had to comment again, your site is that good.

Name: Jeff Muscato
Website: My own little place for shit
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Columbia, MO
Time: 1997-12-17 04:54:00
Cool site although in the jokes this "have the drink waiting at precisely 5:03 p.m." I don't know one doctor that gets off work at 5:00!! he he he anywayz I really don't have time to look at the whole site now but I will!!! See ya!

Name: Caroline Katzin
Website: Jokes for the Jolly
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Time: 1997-12-16 22:37:00
Comments: Thank you for all the awards I never expected such kind words and thoughts. I am in the process now of adding your great graphics to the page. I really enjoyed surfing around your pages. Thanks for all the hard work. Happy Holidays!

Name: Linda Snyder
Website: Linny's LIttle Corner of the World
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Spokane, WA
Time: 1997-12-16 20:17:00
Comments: Hi! Found your web was located with my in the faery realm :-) its very nice,,, i cant wait to go and lok through the recipes and get some great ideas! have fun and bye for now!

Name: Jann
Website: Jann's PA Dutch Kitchen
Referred by: From Geocities
From: Lancaster County, PA
Time: 1997-12-16 11:41:00
Comments: Well, I am enjoying the trip back to the sixties, but I am bookmarking and will be back. I do predate you a little. I was born in the late 40s and grew up in the 50s. I remember the Polio Epidemics, and am in fact a Polio Survivor from 1953. I have my short version on my web page--no photos yet, but they are coming. Plus, I have a lot of other stuff: recipes, Amish and Mennonite religions, the Montserrat volcano erupting in the Caribbean, genealogy, how to beat stress, my Christmas Angel Story and more....

Name: Dave
Website: Live EYE Cams On The WEB
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Arkansas, USA
Time: 1997-12-15 16:09:00
Comments: Great page. Lots to do and see here.
Good layout and design too.

Name: JC webmaster
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Time: 1997-12-15 14:30:00
Comments: Congratulations...your page has just received the CYBER SCANS Award of Excellence for Web Page Design....

Name: Stormy
Website: 'lil Sunny's Christmas Avenue
Referred by: From
Time: 1997-12-15 14:17:00
Comments: I really do like the unique style of your page. You have so much of a variety that there truly IS something for everyone here. I'm gonna get a cup of coffee and start enjoying your site. I see I'm gonna be here for awhile! :)
I wanna sign your guestbook
In such a lovely way~~
To say how much I like your site
And wish that I could stay!

But being Santa's helper
It keeps me on the run~~
I hardly have time to eat OR sleep
Much less have any fun!

I gotta say 'so long' now
It's been a pleasant stay!
THUMBS UP to you and YOUR SITE too
I think it's

©1997,Stormy Illusions

Name: Jacqueline Potter
Website: My Old Kentucky Home
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Lexington, Kentucky
Time: 1997-12-13 23:00:00
Comments: Robin.....MY what an AMAZING site you have, my dear!! It is just wonderful and I don't have time to get to everything right now, but I definitely will be back! I just put the Lost in Web-space Webring on my site and clicked on random and there you were! Great job! Merry Christmas! Jackie

Name: Droops
Referred by: From Geocities
From: Washington DC
Time: 1997-12-13 19:26:00
Comments: Real name is John. I have now been sent to your page from two very separate sources. I'm building my own page system, calling it The Droops Net. It takes a TON of time to put together a site like you have. Most people have no idea the months of effort you've put into it. Wonderful job. I'm writing because I came here from LiveCrescendo. I went THERE because a community leader in Geocities sent me there. They have a floating window that allows for a visitor to listen to music independently of the page that they are viewing. LiveCrescendo says that you have the script too. Did you have to pay for it? Do you like using it? I would like to grab the basic idea and modify it substantially so that I can stream audio on my sites (no MIDI files, which I generally detest). Write when you can. I'm quite sure that you are overwhelmed by lots of stuff. Droops

Name: Edward Kleiner
Website: The Jughead Zone Web Page He Calls His Own
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: New Haven CT
Time: 1997-12-13 16:26:00
Comments: Hi Robin I just surfed via a guestbook & came to your site. I like it alot. You have a super great site. I like the seventies & sixties pages of yours alot. I may explore alot more of your pages soon. I was a kid & preteen in the sixties then a teenager & after teen in the seventies. Now I am an adult now working. So come on down to my Website tell me the things you like on it & sign my guestbook. Thank You Very Much. Sincerely Edward Kleiner

Name: xslf
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Israel
Time: 1997-12-12 10:22:00
Hi there!
I was surfing around and found your site.
Very nice job!
I really enjoyed my visit.
And... I hope that you will enjoy the music ;-)
BTW, I make free banners, and if you ask- also other web graphics- check me out!

Name: Leah Coe
Referred by: Net Search
From: nashville tn
Time: 1997-12-11 16:50:00
Comments: thanks for info on cat. i just lost my 16 yr old baby. i'm so sad. i was searching xmas jokes. i printed your poem to help me with my grief.

Name: Linda Chris
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Indiana
Time: 1997-12-11 08:32:00
Comments: Hello, I was just looking around and came upon your web sight... I lost my mom this past June, it has been really hard to deal with, though I know in my heart she has gone to a much better place... These are all of my first holidays without her and I manage to really get myself so down in the dumps thinking about it... It still hurts so much... I like your memorial of your neice a lot, I think she would like it too... I am sorry for your lose, I know what you've been through dealing with death... I think the only thing that helps me through it, is the fact that mom was suffering so much and now I know there is know more pain, medications or doctors... And the fact, that I will see her again... Thanks for listening to me... Sincerely, Linda

Name: Smoo
Website: Merry Christmas from Smoo!!!
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: CA
Time: 1997-12-10 22:28:00
Comments: You have a great page here...will be back for sure!!! Have a joyous holiday season and come visit me! Click that cow...*LOL*

Name: Jeff Miskin
Referred by: Word of Mouth
From: third moon on pluto
Time: 1997-12-09 23:07:00
Comments: hey guys, I'm impressed this is quite a work of art!

Name: Raymond Storms
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Bath New York
Time: 1997-12-09 03:03:00
Comments: I'm Diabetic, But I've Learned To Adapt! I assume you are referring to my cookie page and not how sweet I am??!!

Name: DD
Referred by: From Geocities
Time: 1997-12-07 06:52:00
Comments: Great page!!!!!! I wanna cookie!

Name: Melanie Tate
Website: The Tate's Home Page
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Misawa AB, Japan
Time: 1997-12-06 14:24:00

Robin, you've got a wonderful site. Very personal, very interesting. It was fun visiting you!!! =)
Thank you for visiting Melanie and *thank you* very, very much for the lovely Christmas Award.

Name: billy
Referred by: Word of Mouth
From: pennsylvania
Time: 1997-12-06 05:26:00
Comments: Robin I was refered to your site by Marla. She was right this is a fantastic site. Great Job I'm on ICQ, drop me a line sometime would love to chat. Billy Peace

I don't do ICQ but thanks for visiting.... If I was chatting then when would I find time to do this site??

Name: D~Mentia
Website: Realms
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: D~Mentia's Crazy lil' Mixed up World!!!
Time: 1997-12-05 06:21:00

Hey there...still working on taking your entire web in...noticed you started responding to your guestbook entries, and liked the idea...thought I would let you know!!!
Just stopped by for another quick visit, & figured I would sign on in!!!

Name: Kay
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Arkansas
Time: 1997-12-04 18:33:00
Comments: I enjoyed my visit very much. Thanks.

Name: Jonathan V. Lagang
Website: My Home Page
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Philippines
Time: 1997-12-04 00:51:00
Comments: Gotchaaaaaa! Just surfing in and I happen to visit your home page. I like it very much. Visit mine too.

Name: Dan Sargent
Website: PlayCity
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Gardner, MA
Time: 1997-12-03 16:05:00
Comments: Great job on your site! Keep it up!

Vote for your favorite song on the PlayCity JukeBox

Name: John Brymer
Referred by: Net Search
From: Coarsegold California
Time: 1997-12-03 01:13:00
Comments: Hi, I'm John. Your web page is very good. I'm a Graphic Artist for a small town Newspaper in the Sierra Foothills. Your page took quite a while to download. I think your buttons on the left took the longest. Are they gifs? I dont have much time to browse you site today, but I would like to check out the golf list,or is it a board? Be back soon. Keep up the good work. JB

Name: Kenyon Cleghorn
Website: Winelamps
Referred by: Word of Mouth
From: Michigan
Time: 1997-12-03 00:50:00
Comments: What a cool page! I've been looking forever for that Amish Friendship Bread recipe. My mom made that a couple years ago (it was sooo good) and she never found the recipe after! Nice job on all your pages - There was a couple more recipes I took that I'll try when I have the time. Thanks again - Happy Holidays!I hope that you enjoy the recipe, it a great one and a fun one!! PS) your url doesn't work. :(

Name: ~Unique~
Website: The Last Uniquehorn
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Time: 1997-12-02 20:08:00
Comments: I enjoyed your humor page..and totally agree with the toilet paper *l*...but when I got to your "Wings and a stopped my Heart. I have several pages dedicated to such causes. I didn't have a chance to check out all your pages, but want to, you did great on the ones I did see...and want to check it out further. Thanks for a remarkable place to visit.

*P*L*H* As Always,

Thanks for the visit, Unique. I went to your site, which is great! (and of course, signed your GB). -R

Name: Larry Anderson
Website: Express Computers Christmas Site
Referred by: Net Search
From: Kissimmee, Florida
Time: 1997-12-02 16:26:00
Comments: Yummy site... send all extra cookies to me!! Please visit Skylarks page, leave her mail, she loves mail. I also have created IRC channel web pages, 40'sSingles and 40sMusketeers.

Oh!!! And visit my Strange site and my Interesting site.

Name: Terence Thambi Rajah
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Integrated Information Pte Ltd
Time: 1997-12-02 04:54:00
Comments: Hi Robin, I'm writing all the way from Singapore, the Lion City. Came across your page while doing an evaluation of Crescendo Stream Sites. I must admit your web page is very good. If it's not too much of a bother, could you send 1 or 2 MIDI files to me so that I can evaluate the streaming with a file as big as what you have. Cheers......

Name: Petey ô¿ô
Website: Petey and Suzy's Home Page
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Chicago
Time: 1997-12-02 00:19:00
Comments: This is a great Page....Very nice work.....

Name: Donnie
Website: Donnie58@AOL.Com
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: S.CA
Time: 1997-11-30 03:57:00
Comments: Got some Belly Laffs, then sent a shortcut to all my friends. Donnie58@AOL.Com