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Name: Til
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: North Carolina
Time: 1998-05-30 04:44:45
Comments: I enjoyed it very much

Name: Susan Kalkbrenner
Website: The Kalkbrenner Homepage
Referred by: Crescendo Cool Site
From: Bayonet Point, Florida, USA
Time: 1998-05-30 03:48:19
Comments: I haven't seen it all yet but what I've seen is great! I'll be back soon to spend more time here. Thanks

Name: Edward Burke
Referred by: A basic Web Search
From: McGuire AFB, NJ
Time: 1998-05-30 03:36:16
Comments: Made me hungry.

Name: The Good Ink Eye Candy WWW Site Reviews
Website: Good Ink
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From: Washington, DC
Time: 1998-05-29 09:39:38
Comments: We have enjoyed reviewing your site and look forward to submitting our report. --The Review Panel

Name: StAr
Website: One Lonely Star
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From: USA
Time: 1998-05-29 07:00:14


This site is cool!!! I'm glad I surfed on! You have soooo many different things to look at and enjoy!! I didn't dislike n-e thing on your site!! It rocks Robin!!!

Name: Sean Whiteman
Website: Sean's Site
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From: Arkansas
Time: 1998-05-28 23:24:24
Comments: You have a very cool web site

Name: Brenda Adolphson
Website: The Adolphson Homepage
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From: Now Va then Towson Md
Time: 1998-05-28 03:57:08
Comments: Well, you must be the same age as me or close! Cause I just got a major flashback! Love your site, lots of fun. And yes the soap that grew hair were fuzzy wuzzys in fact, I was searching for info on them and got your page as a links. I think they did the fuzzy wuzzy was a bear, fuzzy wuzzy had no hair commercial with them!

Name: Tina Hartman
Website: Designed to a T
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From: Illinois
Time: 1998-05-28 03:21:14
Comments: Very nice. I liked the marriage part! keep up the good work. Tina

Name: Joseph
Website: ARTIS - Thames Coffee-House
Referred by: A link from an Award I received
From: Geocities
Time: 1998-05-27 02:23:34
Comments: Amazing...

Name: Mark Adams
Website: Mark's Submarine Page
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Time: 1998-05-27 01:46:14
Comments: What a great page! I laughed and tears even welled up in my eyes out of pure nostalgia. Thanks for the memories.

Name: Linda
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Northern California
Time: 1998-05-26 23:36:16
Comments: You have a wonderful page. The recipies are GREAT thanks so much.

Name: Jim Thomas
Website: 70's Preservation Society
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From: Dallas, Texas
Time: 1998-05-26 16:47:04
Comments: Hi Robin, Surfin' the 70's Flashback Webring and up you popped. Great site! please visit my site and listen to some great 70's music every saturday night on the web with a netshow player....It's all request 70's every Saturday Night.

Name: Joe
Website: New Mexico Bolt & Screw Co.
Referred by: Crescendo Cool Site
From: New Mexico
Time: 1998-05-26 04:24:51
Comments: Just looking for sites to try out the Crescendo Music software I had just installed. What a surprise, this is one heck of a website. Nicely organized, no long loading times, and "something for everyone". Haven't seen it all yet but had to praise such a fantastic acheivment.

Name: snory
Website: JR's Photopage
Referred by: A link on Someone's Site
From: Sydney
Time: 1998-05-25 13:24:18
Comments: is there anything which is NOT on your pages???? You should award yourself with your 'Amazing Content Award'!

Name: henrik larsson
Website: Henriks Modern life
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Sweden
Time: 1998-05-24 21:03:22
Comments: HI Your site looks good, have good content and if i had an award you would get it at once!

Name: The Weyrleader
Website: The Weyrleader's Best O' The Web!
Referred by: From someone's guestbook
From: Chicago, IL USA
Time: 1998-05-24 13:08:57
Comments: Hi Robin, You've a page after my own heart. I find myself coming back (I think this is my third time) to go through something new. This time it was the seventies :-). While I'm a bit older, it still brought back memories. Thanks for the good times (and one or two tips that even The Weyrleader didn't know :-) ) Come visit us, bring your favorite ghost stories, technical support questions, Play Online Games or just sit back and enjoy the content! Always The Best O' the Web!

Name: bill
Website: Bill's Web Site
Referred by: A link on Someone's Site
From: Central Florida
Time: 1998-05-23 21:21:30
Comments: enjoyed visiting your site :) still feel the 60's and 70's were the best!

Name: Noelle
Website: Casefile#1001011
Referred by: Digital Divas
From: New Mexico
Time: 1998-05-23 09:19:32
Comments: Hey! Just coming by to check out your new graphics made with PSP 5! They are beautiful! Gee, maybe I'll actually wait the next time Jasc puts me on hold for my upgrade ;>) Keep up the wonderful work! Looks like yer having fun! {{hugs}}

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Time: 1998-05-21 23:25:44

Name: Michelle Lynde
Website: The Hair Heads Home Page: Home of Internet Cowsill Fans
Referred by: A link on Someone's Site
From: Texas! yay!
Time: 1998-05-21 03:17:03
Comments: I really REALLY like this page (and trust me I do not suck up!) I love your sixties page to pieces and as soon as my FTP thing starts working (I don't know what I did but for some reason about three hours ago it stopped uploading) I'm going to add you to our links page. Your backgrounds are really great and I love how you've made so many different pages so everyone has something to look at!! Kudos!! Love Michelle

Name: Scott Johnston
Website: Scott Johnston's Homepage
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From: Scotland, UK
Time: 1998-05-19 19:34:56
Comments: Cool page!! Keep up the good work.

Name: Leane gallant
Website: Snuggleys world
Referred by: A link from an Award I gave
From: ontario canada
Time: 1998-05-18 17:20:57
Comments: hey there!! this is a great page! there is so much here i will have to come again soon!! Come to my page sometime! later alligator :o)

Name: terigaby
Website: can happen on the net
Referred by: A Webring
From: netherlands
Time: 1998-05-16 20:23:38
Comments: sorry I didnt sign your g/b this morning...:(...but your page is great..and I would still like to very much apply for your award.... :)

Name: Joe Comiskey
Website: Mad's Recipe Emporium
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From: Massachusetts
Time: 1998-05-14 02:36:24
Comments: Hi Robin, A very nice site. Ah'll be baaack !!! But, in the meantime, come and visit me at

Mad's Recipe Emporium

Name: Steve Keppel
Referred by: From someone's guestbook
Time: 1998-05-13 02:05:17
Comments: My name is Steve Keppel. In 1966 I was involved in a serious car accident which left me paralyzed from the neck down. I operate my computer with voice activated software called DragonDictate. It allows me to just speak to the computer and totally eliminate the mouse and keyboard. For years I have been in and out of one business adventure one after another. Unfortunately, there was always something that got in the way. Too often it was disability related. Recently, I have found my home on the Internet. It allows me to explore the world while actually making a living from the comfort of my livingroom without my physical limitations getting in the way. I invite you to check out my home page. Explore all you want and please sign my guest book. There’s something for everyone.

Name: Michelle Hayes
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: North Carolina
Time: 1998-05-12 23:59:59
Comments: I am doing a chours concert and I have to dress up like kids did in the 60's and I don't know what to wear my chours concert is in two days we are all singing 50's,60's, and 70's. what should I do?

Name: Bill Oppmann
Website: don't have one yet
Referred by: A link on Someone's Site
From: Sugar Loaf NY
Time: 1998-05-12 10:32:06
Comments: You brought back a million memories, some good and some bad ones ( fizzies!). Being born in 1955 (I'm 43)I remember nearly all the stuff on TV, does any one remember Sky King? In this part of NY state we also had Cousin Brucie on the radio (WABC 770). In '69 our area was overrun by the hippies going to Woodstock, some stayed in the area for months after (lack of money?) Thanks for the memory trip, I'll be back to visit often. LONG LIVE THE BOOMERS!!!!!!

Name: marg
Website: MEMAW's PLACE
Referred by: A Webring
From: KS
Time: 1998-05-12 03:49:55
Comments: WOW!

MEMAW's Place

Name: Kayla smith
Website: 70s Web Site
Referred by: A Webring
Time: 1998-05-11 22:41:22
Comments: Great Job Robin,You can tell that you put alot into your web site,The links are great I got alot of information from some of them I myself am pretty much just learning about making a web site,But I have a top of the line computer,very fast and cable modem helps out as well I hope to get better at it.Keep up the good work..Kayla at 70s web site.

Referred by: Crescendo Cool Site
From: North Charleston, SC
Time: 1998-05-11 17:03:36
Comments: This is an extraordinary fine website. With all the different options to click on + the fine .MID files to hear in the background, it was a very pleasant surfing experience for me to visit it.

Name: Lisa
Website: Mom's Central Station
Referred by: A Webring
From: Kansas
Time: 1998-05-11 16:19:58
Comments: Your link in the free graphics webring didn't work...but I took off the end of the URL and got here anyway...Glad I did! I love your marriage page...I'm not done going through your page yet, but I bookmarked it and plan to put a link to you at my site soon.

Name: David Morris
Website: David's Home on the WEB
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: San Antonio, TX
Time: 1998-05-11 11:07:52
Comments: Wonderful looking site. Great color contrast and lots of interesting information all over the place. I would be greatful if you would take the time to take a look at my site.

Name: Axel Jacob
Website: Axel's Homeworld
Referred by: From someone's guestbook
From: Munich , Germany
Time: 1998-05-11 09:35:14
Comments: Walked through your site. WOW. Great content. Very good naviagtion , layout , graphics ....wonderful . You've done really a very good job on your homepage. I really enjoyed it very much surfing your site. There is so much to see, interesting, new to me, that I surely will come back soon and return from time to time, to see what's new. GREAT. Thanks for sharing such a great site with us. Greetings from Germany. Axel

Name: Peter Sharpen
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Australia
Time: 1998-05-09 00:14:01
Comments: Great page! I was looking for some photos of clothing in the 60's and 70's. If you can help, great!

Name: Kayla Smith
Website: 70s Web site
Referred by: A Webring
From: Georgia
Time: 1998-05-07 22:57:25
Comments: Hi!!!Your site is Great,I really enjoyed is nice to see a web site like your where you do NOT have to worrie about your children looking at it, your Graphic is cool as well come visit my site OK...I`m book marking your site and will check it out often...Kayla at 70s web site.

Name: The Virtual Fooles Troupe
Website: The Virtual Fooles Troupe
Referred by: A link on Someone's Site
From: The Pre-17th Century
Time: 1998-05-06 07:37:53

The Fooles Troupe have a web site (about 200 pages worth of assorted Tom Foolery - although Tom is no longer with them, having now gone on to bigger and better things...) Reviving the medeival status of the fool, something that we desperately need in our modern times. A witty, humorous romp through the Comedy of the Elizabethean and Medieval Theater.

You should also visit

The Briese-Bane Vikings Information Centre
An Annotated Australian Site about The Vikings (ships too)

A brief Tutorial - Some WIN95 Speed Optimisations
WIN95 Speed Optimisations - Theory and Practice

Name: AFA
Website: AFA's Website Domain
Referred by: A basic Web Search
From: California
Time: 1998-05-05 17:19:53
Comments: Hello, Visit my website, It will be worth your time, trust me

Name: Nigel.
Website: The Trans Africa Expedition.
Referred by: A link on Someone's Site
From: London England.
Time: 1998-05-04 14:30:16
Comments: Fantastic !!!

Name: Neil
Website: Tarantulas Lair
Referred by: A link on Someone's Site
From: Panama City Beach, Florida
Time: 1998-05-04 13:20:27
Comments: Love your Site, Super work. Murphy's law was one of the best and so very true. Though I could not find a page in your site that was not good. Keep up the good work, I bookmarked your site and will drop back......Neil

Please Check out my Sites

home page

Beach page

Name: Vine
Website: Vine's Folly
Referred by: A Webring
From: England
Time: 1998-05-04 10:50:50
Comments: I've had my site about twice as long as you've had yours but I haven't done nearly so much with it! It's a really impressive acheivement - do you ever remove your eyes from the screen? :-) I may use a background or two for a page I am currently writing.

Name: Andrew Harrison
Website: The Interactive Microbiology Student Lounge
Referred by: A Webring
From: Tennessee
Time: 1998-05-02 23:29:13
Comments: You are the person directly ahead of me on the homepage club webring, just thought I would visit and say "hi." I enjoyed the time I spent on your site.

Name: John & Carrie
Website: Crip Korner
Referred by: Digital Divas
From: Maryland
Time: 1998-05-01 15:32:41
Comments: Hi Robin, we really enjoyed viewing your site. Most excellent! It looks like you're strong minded. Being a fellow Aries I can understand that. My birthday (John) is 4/9/59. Beautiful work. Good luck!

Name: Lillie
Website: Muse
Referred by: Digital Divas
From: W.V.
Time: 1998-04-28 23:42:02
Comments: I don't have any comments because I can't think of anything witty to say. That's what I get for getting up so early. yawn

Name: Tiffany
Referred by: A basic Web Search
From: New York
Time: 1998-04-27 23:38:14
Comments: Cool webpage! Keep up the excellent work! Most of all, smile :-)

Name: Tara
Website: John and Taras Homepage
Referred by: From someone's guestbook
From: Maine
Time: 1998-04-27 15:38:05
Comments: your page is VERY nice....GREAT JOB :)

Name: Babe
Website: Blast to the Past - Hippie Page
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Time: 1998-04-27 13:28:18
Comments: Robin, I have thoroughly enjoyed my trip here. Your whole website is awesome! I thought I was a website junky, but I have been way out classed! LOL. I am signing from your 70's page, and you have brought back some memories that were always lurking, but haven't been brought to the fore for many many years. I am impressed. Great job girl, what a farout site!

Name: Brian Luft
Website: Moonlight
Referred by: A link on Someone's Site
From: The Woods (Wisconsin)
Time: 1998-04-26 20:45:19
Comments: yo, i'm here to apply for the award for Robin's Excellence in Web Design award. Please take a look at my site. Thank you

Name: Cal Clark
Website: none
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Salt Lake City, UT
Time: 1998-04-26 04:30:52
Comments: The sixties were the best!! I was a hippie and lovin' life.

Name: Dave Taxi DRiver XXX
Referred by: Word of Mouth
Time: 1998-04-24 21:26:12
Comments: I was surfing a big moma wave and it crashed here!!WOW!

Name: Cindy
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: MI
Time: 1998-04-24 18:36:44
Comments: Totally, cool website!!! Love the musical choices..... Would like to learn to make a web page. Thanks.

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