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Name: Lisa Deckert
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Time: 1998-02-20 23:49:15
Comments: Thanks for the laughs!!!! You are too funny!

Name: Gabriel Brooks
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: LA
Time: 1998-02-20 20:28:16
Comments: zippidy doo dah, zippidy day! My oh my you have an interesting page. I duno why I'm singing along. Maybe it's your influence that brought on this song!

Name: Jennifer Lydon
Website: still working on it!!!
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From: Perth Western Australia
Time: 1998-02-19 17:33:32
Comments: Great web site ought to be congratulated!!

Name: Lindsey
Website: Welcome friends and family
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From: North Carolina
Time: 1998-02-19 05:56:22
Comments: You have a great site. I enjoyed by stay here. You sure do have lots for everyone. Thanks

Name: RAMcheck
Website: True Silicon
Referred by: Crescendo Cool Site
From: The United States
Time: 1998-02-18 22:54:54
Comments: PLEASE Visit My Site. I Have Gameshark Codes And I'll Even Make You A Homepage!

Name: Smoo
Website: Smoo's Niche On The Net
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From: CA
Time: 1998-02-18 07:28:41
Comments: Hi Robin.....everytime I come here I end up staying forever!!!! *S* You have a GREAT site! I'm just out making the rounds of The Order leaving my mooooooooooooo *S*

Name: Bob Chesnavich
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From: Port Griffith, PA
Time: 1998-02-14 03:15:32
Comments: Good Job!

Name: Stephie
Website: Gaiea
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From: Earth
Time: 1998-02-13 23:56:53
Comments: Your page is a wonderful testament to your inner and creative beauty, I've enjoyed visiting and will return many times to see what new and wonderful things you've done.

Name: Anne Roshkind
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From: Lake Villa, Illinois
Time: 1998-02-13 22:20:13
Comments: Actually, my boyfriend, who is a dane, wants me to learn how to make abelskivers and I ran my search on YAHOO! and came up with only two sites, your's was one of them. Now that I have the recipe, I can only hope to be able (no pun intended) to find an abelskiver pan. So far no luck! I am also going to be making a home page soon. Yours is great inspiration!

Name: Geir Ola Winger
Website: Rallyola`s Homepage
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From: Norway
Time: 1998-02-13 12:26:25
Comments: Great Pages. It is realy something fore everyone How do you get the midis in to your gestbook? Sorry but my english is bad So long from Norway. Geir

Name: Patti
Website: 2 home to Learn
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From: New York
Time: 1998-02-13 01:53:26
Comments: Hi ,I too have a page gone but not forgotten.So I stopped in to look at yours. You have done a great job and very touching.Come and visit me at mine sometime. God Bless Patti

Name: Darlene Nguyen Ely
Website: Darlene Nguyen Ely -- Sculptures
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From: Monroe, Washington
Time: 1998-02-12 17:26:33
Comments: Swing by me when you have a chance.

Name: Suzeanne Peak
Website: Scarlet Letters
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From: TX
Time: 1998-02-11 05:05:16
Comments: Nice, eyecatching site.

Name: Sweet Cheeks!
Referred by: Crescendo Cool Site
From: Canada
Time: 1998-02-10 03:15:43
Comments: Hi I came back to your sight to show my husband where you are! I really am happy that you gave me the award for my page!!! Thanks again! Talk to you soon, Brenda Re; Sweet Cheeks!

Name: Brendda
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From: I loved your tip ideas!
Time: 1998-02-10 01:32:22
Comments: I loved your BBQ tips, I'm sure to visit again when when summer comes! Keep up the great job. B

Name: bcreel
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From: Panama City, FL
Time: 1998-02-09 19:13:17
Comments: I am a 45 year old homemaker and new to the internet. Boy has it opened up a whole new world for me. I spent three hours yesterday browsing your website and will be back for more. It's great and has so much to offer. Keep up the good work. BCreel

Name: Jack Snead
Website: Jack's
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From: Buckner, MO USA
Time: 1998-02-09 17:30:51
Comments: Robin, You have a really great site. You have really put a lot of information and hard work in to it. Jack Snead

Name: Aelfwynn Quicksilver Riverglade
Website: The Glade
Referred by: Crescendo Cool Site
From: Central Florida
Time: 1998-02-09 07:21:30
Comments: I thought that the pages and links on my own Web site were quite diverse, but I realize now that I'm small potatos compared to you. Congratulations! You have a wonderful site.

Name: Richard
Referred by: Webside Story Top 1000
From: Illinois
Time: 1998-02-09 02:56:47
Comments: Well you weren't lying when you said,your site has everything.I've sent it to a couple of my friends. Thanks for the cool Crescendo program. Keep up the excellant work. I'll be back. Rich

Name: ***Sweet Cheeks***
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From: Canada
Time: 1998-02-08 07:22:15
Comments: I like all of the things that you have to look at on your page. may I add you as a link from my page to yours? I hope you don't mind but I will It is and awsome sight. lots of work here! Thanks Brenda re ***Sweet Cheeks***

Name: Conrad
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From: Ohio
Time: 1998-02-08 00:51:51
Comments: This is a very nice site! Thank you for all your efforts. Best, CUL, 73 Conrad.

Name: MizBee (again)
Website: At Home with the B's
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: same place
Time: 1998-02-07 22:47:22
Comments: Just surfed down your menu...wanted you to visit my other site, it has some chuckles and giggles you may enjoy. And there you will find the 'least' visited page on the web, epitaphs! Good thing I didn't put the guest book there.:-)

Name: MizBee
Website: Little Bit
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From: Tx-now
Time: 1998-02-07 22:36:38
Comments: Well I must come back later I'm singing to elevator music. Nice backgrounds and buttons but you won't let me steal em. *grin* we won't talk about frames..

Name: scott
Website: The Neverending Light
Referred by: A link from an Award I gave
From: SC
Time: 1998-02-07 15:59:58
Comments: Hi Robin! I really like your page! It is very interesting with LOTS of stuff to do. I allpyed for your award. I hope I win it! Please visit my page and sign my guestbook. Thanx!

Name: Carmi
Website: Carmi's
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From: Louisiana
Time: 1998-02-06 16:20:54
Comments: Great homepage.I have enjoyed the time I have spent here.Keep up the good work.

Name: Tim Sabedra
Referred by: Crescendo Cool Site
From: Los Angeles
Time: 1998-02-05 06:57:58
Comments: Hi Robin, I have only seen " about me" so far, but I am looking forward to the rest of your site. Very Cool!! I also was here for all the disasters you wrote about. Not as close as you though. I live in the San Pedro area. My family all lives in upstate NY, We (my wife and I) are close to moving back there. Hearing your story may have gotten us closer to the final decision. Take care, and the best to you and your family, Tim

Name: Bee
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Chicago, IL
Time: 1998-02-03 20:09:04
Comments: Such an interesting, diversified website. BTW, have you come across any fez purveyors? I am seeking a new one. Mine was recently stolen. Am heartbroken. Must replace. Tassle is optional.

Name: Charlie Myers
Website: C.P. Rags Ragdolls
Referred by: Crescendo Cool Site
From: P.G. County
Time: 1998-02-03 07:01:04
Comments: Just spent about an hour or so cruisin' around your site. I had a good time especially the 60's and 70's sections. I remember them well. I hope you'll stop by our page for a visit. I noticed you enjoy cats, you'll like our place. Try the jukebox while you're there too. Bye for now, Charlie

Name: Pam C
Website: Pam's Home
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From: So. California
Time: 1998-02-03 00:52:23
Comments: Hi, Robin, I was really impressed with your site - so original and interesting! (Boy, just when you think you've learned something about webpages, and now I see I have quite a ways to go! :o) This page's getting bookmarked! Regards, Pam

Name: Dale and Mary
Website: Dale and Mary's Very Personal Home Page
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From: Carmichael, California, United States of America
Time: 1998-02-01 19:46:58

Name: Regina Thomas
Website: Welcome to Reg's Christmas Place!
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From: Pennsylvania
Time: 1998-02-01 13:05:42
Comments: I just loved your site. I hope that I can get my site as beautiful as yours.

Name: Aunt Susan
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Washington State USA
Time: 1998-01-30 15:39:10

Dear Robin,

I came upon your Page today,
You have so much to share.
You make the world much Brighter,
It shows you really care!

Website: your to good for him pls. go out with
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From: me,he will not know for few years
Time: 1998-01-29 15:22:23

Name: Steve Swonder
Referred by: A link on Someone's Site
From: Minneapolis
Time: 1998-01-28 23:16:00
Comments: Found your link on the Official Jewish American Princess Homepage. This is a great site. Love the recipies!!!! Even left one of my own for you. I've got a million of them - ask the JAP. She's tried a few I sent her. Never thought the Internet would make me gain weight. Oh well, everything else does, why should cyberspace be any different? Steve

Name: ThePsyko
Website: ThePsyko's Circus of Phreak
Referred by: From someone's guestbook
Time: 1998-01-28 20:39:26
Comments: wow!! this place is rather large... no wonder you have your own domain!!! it's gonna take me days to get through it all, so I figured I'd go ahead and sign your book now... in the meantime, feel free to stop by anytime *S*

Name: Susan Ward
Website: Susan's Homepage!!
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From: Alabama
Time: 1998-01-26 19:57:03
Comments: Great page!! Really enjoyed the visit!! Will be back soon.

Name: Don Fowler
Website: Gadzillion Things to Think About
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From: Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada
Time: 1998-01-26 01:43:45
Comments: Excellent page. Great variety. Well organized.

Name: Joe Knight
Website: Supernatural
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From: Glen Burnie, Md.
Time: 1998-01-24 19:00:20
Comments: Hi! Robin, You certainly have a page that covers just about anything a person would like to see. I will definitely be back to see the rest. Terrific page, Joe

Name: Connie Hanselka
Referred by: Crescendo Cool Site
From: San Antonio TX
Time: 1998-01-24 15:46:42
Comments: I'm so jealous! I want to live near you to be part of your fun Christmas Cookie Exchange! I'd also want to take HTML lessons from you in exchange for dinner/dessert by me. I just know we could arrive at some kind of bartering agreement. I hope to start a cookie exchange Chris 98! Your web pages are great and all they are amaze ME! Connie