Do you remember the 60's Toys?

Our Toys:

Hoola Hoops, Easy Bake Ovens, Incredible Edibles, Skiddle Kiddles, Candy Land, Uncle Wiggly, Monopoly,
Clue, Go to the head of the Class, Operation, Ping Pong, Hot Wheels, Pogo Sticks, Jacks, Jump Rope, Chinese Jump Rope,
Colorforms, Duncan YoYo's, making funny pages imprints with Silly Putty,
Clackers (They were eventually
banned. Two clear plastic balls on a string. You hold a ring and move your hand up and down and they would make a clacking sound.) Barbie (cutting off her hair!) making her and Ken do the nasty. GI Joe, Dominos, Super balls, Mexican jumping beans, soap that grew hair called "Fuzzy Wuzzy",  Making chains from gum wrappers in class, Lincoln Logs, Troll Dolls, Homemade tissue flowers (with a bobby pin in the middle), Plastic dip flower kits, making multicolored pot holders on the frame and giving as gifts,

making things out of popsicle sticks or toothpicks, Silly Sand, playing Cowboy and Indians, Erector Sets, Thumbelina, Baby Bye
Bye, electric scissors, hoppity horse, Barrels of Monkeys, Oiuja Boards, Playing Go-Fish, Solitaire and Concentration, Tiny Tears dolls, Chatty Cathy, Origami, Roller Skates, Scrabble, Sea Monkeys, Rock 'em, Sock 'em Robots, Ant Farms, Lite-Bright, those ball shaped radios that looked like a smiley face, skatemania.