Do you remember the 60's Era?

Robin recalls: The Signs of the Times:

When McDonald's signs said "more than one million sold".

When shopping centers were closed on Sundays.

When subliminal advertising on television was legal.

Percolated coffee

The Good Humor ice cream man dressed in white with the change machine on his belt.

Dances: the twist, the pony, the frug, mash potato, hully gully, the swim.

Twiggy hair cuts


The "Peace Sign" with two fingers.

"Far out, Maaaannnnn..."


Love ins and Peace Marches....

Hippies and Yippies



The assassinations of JFK, Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King

Teddy Kennedy and Chappaquidick

Jesus Christ Superstar


"I'm OK, You're Okay"

Yin and Yang

EST and Transcendental Meditation.

Be Here Now.

"Suppose they gave a war and nobody came?"

LBJ and Lady Bird

J. Edgar Hoover

Vietnam war protesters

Civil rights breakthroughs

Alice B. Toklas


Manual typewriters  (Example: IBM Selectric)

Vinyl records: 45's and 33's -- aka LP's for "long playing". Diamond needles. Scratched and warped records. The record changer where you could stack up to 6 records, but when on the 6th record it would play slower. If a record was scratchy you'd put a penny on top of the diamond head to give it weight and play through the scratches.

The 1964 World's Fair

Dr. Timothy Leary -"Tune in, Turn on, drop out."

Abbie Hoffman

Richard Alpert aka Baba Ram Das

Making and wearing Tie Dye T-Shirts



Dice hanging from the rear view mirror

Your lucky "rabbits foot"

Wolfman Jack

Peggy Fleming

Herbert Hoover

Richard M. Nixon

Spiro T. Agnew

Mr. Natural

nbc The old NBC Peacock and accompanying jingle

Esso=Exxon "Put a tiger in your tank!"

Full service gas stations

S & H Green Stamps (I remember going to the store with mom to redeem them)

The Age of Aquarius

Zap Comic Books

Candy Apple Red Mustangsmustang

Love Beads

"Make Love, Not War"

The "McCartney Mystery" --when they said on the radio that Paul had died.  We would listen to the ongoing saga on the radio at dinner time. It was like a serial soap opera, updated daily with clues.

marilyn monroe Marilyn Monroe

Bobby Kennedy

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy

The Drug Culture:

Head Shops

Mr. Natural says: "Keep on Truckin...."

Marijuana= Pot, Dope, Mary Jane, Hashish,

Hash Brownies, Sensimillian, Hookah Pipes, US Bongs.

Cheech and Chong

George Carlin

Magic Mushrooms

Uppers, Downers, Valium, Speed, LSD=Acid


"Never trust anyone over 30."

Remember when 30 sounded old?