Do you remember 60's Fashion?

Many people have complained to me over the last 10 years that I don't have any good 60's clothing pictures up and I couldn't argue, it was true. That's changing today, Feb 15, 2007, as I am uploading and sharing some personal photographs of my favorite 60's fashion plate... my mother, Micki!

Micki's styles in these 1960's photographs are a very good representation of what was considered 60's chic, and hip in the early and mid 60's.  Mom was very much into fashion at that point in her life, mid to late 20's. Although she would probably disagree, my mother was (is) stunningly beautiful, and she could've probably worn a potato sack and still looked elegant, comfortable and pretty. I have memories of walking in public, where she is holding my hand on one side and my younger brother Scott's hand in another and men would wolf whistle at her when we'd walk by.  ;)

Then the late 60's took over and it seems everyone turned into hippies over night, including my parents.  Then it all went super casual and jeans became the 'uniform de rigeur' for the next decade.

Late 1963, in our kitchen, in Bethesda, Maryland. (The suburbs of DC.) The tear drop chairs were yellow in the middle and the metal frame was white. Mom wearing an early 60's bob, hair style.

My brother Scott, my Grandma Ida, my Mom, me, early 1964.

My Mom in 1965 or 66', obviously dressed for a formal evening out. (No, her teeth weren't black,  she's wearing braces!)  I can't figure out this hair style.

Mom - 1965ish.


1967ish, Mom and Scott in front of her Buick Electra 225.
I remember Mom getting in this car and having to shield her beehive as she sat down in the drivers seat. LOLOL!!!  I was always sitting behind her and this hair style would absolutely touch the roof of the car! Haha!!

Mom had great hair, long, all thick and shiny with body, however I think she was probably wearing a fall in this picture. Late 60's.

Looks like a hotel room. Seems to be late 60's.

I loved this outfit Mom was wearing. It was a silky shiny  silver with shimmery silver stockings. My Dad is on the right.

1968 - Taken at the Lazy Susan Restaurant in Virginia. I like this dress my Mom is wearing, specifically the sleeves, which were merely straps, one royal blue, the other red.

1969, Miami, FL

I have more pictures to scan, hopefully it won't take me ten more years to add pictures. ;)

Some notes on 60's Hair:
Staying 60's beautiful took a lot of work. I remember Mom going to the beauty parlor every Saturday and changing her previous weeks style. The parlor was called Tre Chic on Rockville Pike, in Rockville, Maryland. Sometimes I would go with her.

"Gimme head with hair, long beautiful hair, shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen --give me down to there --hair,
Shoulder length or longer -- Here baby, there mama everywhere daddy daddy  
Hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair ...
Flow it, show it --long as God can grow it My hair

My Mom had a ton of "Falls", which were hair pieces, like a long pony tail to tuck into and combine with your own hair.

Hair teased and combed into beehives, hair glue together with "Dippity Do", precursor to hair gel, and then hair sprayed to hold that hair in place. Hair that would touch the roof of the car!