Do you remember?

  Didja' ever?    

Crack "Fake Eggs" on people's head? (with your fists)

"One, two, three, four I declare a thumb war!"

"Rock, Paper, Scissors"

Did you ever cook an egg on the sidewalk?

Pop tar bubbles on a hot street?

Making the "Popping a soda and drinking it" sound.....put your index finger in your mouth, snap the side of your lip, then open your mouth and gently slap the side of your face!

Eat your "eyeballs" and roll them
around in your mouth!

Those gross boys in the class that flipped their eyelids inside out!

Play Spin the Bottle!

How about "Arm Pit Farts"? Boys could always do them better! Same w/ burping!

Did you ever "levitate" your friends at sleepovers?

Did you have play Ouija and have Seances?  


"S-C-H-O-O-L" spells School!

Bringing a mat to kindergarten for naptime and having the fairy tap you awake with a wand.

The games we played: Kickball and Dodge Ball, Four Square, 7-UP, 500, playing jump rope with songs.

School lunches were 25 cents. Milk was 4 cents. They came on pink & blue plastic trays.

The smell of mimeographed paper. The ink was purple.

When the school systems finally decided that girls could wear pants to school when it snowed, instead of dresses.

Being a Brownie and then graduating to a Girl Scout troop.

Wearing shorts beneath our dresses so the boys couldn't see our underwear when we were climbing on the monkey bars.

Spin the Bottle

Air raid drills during school

Remember when boys had "cooties"?

Your first "crush".

Those embarrassing coming of age movies in the school cafeteria.

Well, do ya' remember? I do!

Chalk portrait of Robin at age four, 1963.

To anyone who may need a break from their "grown up" life.  

and Remember this?

What we liked to eat:

Bosco and milk. Ovaltine if you were desperate. Strawberry Quick.

A whole package of Chicklets at once.

A "Mighty Mo" at Hot Shoppe's Drive In

Bird's Nest = Egg fried in a hole in a piece of white bread

Hot Fudge Ice Cream Cake at Bob's Big Boy.

Sugar and butter Sandwiches

Rolling and mushing a piece of Wonder bread up in a ball and eating it.

Who remembers:
Screaming Yellow Zonkers!?!

Banana Sandwiches with mayonnaise and sugar.

Kool Pops, Scooter Pies, Birch Beer, Bubble Up, Moon Pies,

"Real" Frozen Custard

Funny Face Drinks: Kool Aid- Goofy Grape, Jolly Olly Orange,
Rootin 'Tootin Raspberry, Lemon Lime

Eating out at places such as:

Burger Chef

Ho Jo's (Howard Johnson's)

Going to drive-in restaurants and the girls bringing it out to the car and placing on the tray that you slid into the car.


Going to "Little Tavern" for a "Choke n' Cheese".
Buy em' by the bag!  A nickel a piece back then. This local chain only has store left.

When Roy Roger and Arby's used real roast beef. A real slab of beef they used to carve, sitting under hot lights.

When McDonald's used real hamburger meat.

What we didn't like to eat:
Gross dishes such as Fried Liver and Onions and Stuffed Cabbage!
EEEwww. Yuk! Blech! Patooey! Thank God for pets under the table! (Same with peas.)

"Healthcare" in the 60's...

TB Tine tests

Getting a sugar cube polio vaccine at the high school.

Friends quarantined with German Measles.

Putting Mercurochrome on cuts.

Having your temperature taken often when sick.

Having Vicks Vapo rub slathered all over.

Being given toast with butter and salt on it.

Hot water with lemon and honey.

Humidifiers with Vicks in it.

Having your tonsils out and saying "They gave me lots of ice cream so it wasn't so bad".

Having to wait a half an hour after eating to play or go in a pool.

Having to wear a t-shirt under your clothes.

What we did:

Playing Tag, Your IT!

Musical Chairs

Duck, Duck, Goose

Building tree houses

One potato, two potato, three potato four.........

When we climbed trees and said we
were never going to get married or have kids.

When the thought of getting married seemed like a millennium away.

sir graves ghastly
Fond Memory:  
Horror Show host, Sir Graves Ghastly
was on at 11:30pm on Friday nights, on channel WTOP in Washington DC. It was fun having sleepovers and watching scary movies all night. Movies such as Dracula (with Bela Lagosi), Frankenstein (Boris Karloff), Bride of Frankenstein, Black Sabbath, I was a Teenage Werewolf (starring Michael Landon).

Do you remember...

"Baby Boomer"

For my generation

A time of innocence for children.

When the world was ours...