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What is Robin's Web?

Robin's Web has become a series of mini-sites, or sub-sites, with a variety of different subject matter, all designed with my original graphics. It all started in 1992, when I got my first PC and started writing and making lists. Also that same year, I went online with AOL and Prodigy. Then in 1997, I took years worth of previous information and formatted my site with the content, asked the public to respond with interactive forms and it just kept growing. It's become way more than the sum of its parts. I can't help it, my site now has a life of its own. :)

Allow me to give you a quick tour:

A smile is just a frown, turned upside down. Do you need a few good jokes to cheer yourself or a friend up? Also, I am always looking for new good jokes, email me if you have some good ones.

Want to learn how to host a Christmas Cookie Exchange Party? I was the first person to write about how to host a CE, back in the 'stone age' of the internet. Because of these pages, I was invited by a Food Network executive to have my annual cookie party filmed and featured on a Holiday Christmas Special, (1999-2004) which got the ball rolling on the subject and CE's are once again popular! Yay! We love cookies!!!  In October 2010, my book hit bookstores all over the US, it's called "The Cookie Party Cookbook:The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Cookie Exchange (St.Martin's Press/Macmillan).

Man cannot live by cookies alone, and neither can I, so why don't you stop by and check out my Favorite Family Recipes? You can share yours with me, too, if you're so inclined.

Care for some Interactivity? There are many pages in which you can remark on, and that's one of the reasons this site is as well traveled and large as it is. You helped build it!  If you're in a blue mood, may I suggest the inspiration section?

Are you a Baby Boomer? Then come and reminisce with me! There are more of "us", than any other generation. Take a peek into that oh-so-special time period. Oh yes, and... Have a nice day!

Yes, I'll admit it --I am a "homer" for the state of Maryland. We're tucked in between the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay, right next door to our Nations Capital, Washington DC, which is the power center of the world and the good state of Virginia. We also touch Delaware, Pennsylvania and West By God, Virginia.

We have a few pleasant activities you can do here --that you can't do anywhere else, such as Duckpin Bowling, (Babe Ruth's other favorite sport!), luxuriating in the white sands of Ocean City, Maryland, (we have a three mile long boardwalk!), and eating our world famous Maryland Blue Claw Crabs, right out o' the Chesapeake Bay. Life just doesn't get any better than this! Sports Hogs have plenty to do around here rooting for their favorite home teams... we have the Washington Redskins, the Baltimore Ravens, the Orioles the Washington Wizards and the Washington Nationals!

Are you a gardening fanatic, like I am? You're not? Well, you can peek at my beautiful gardens, anyway.

Dress up your web pages with my original graphics. I'll help you get your personal or commercial web page fixed up in a no time. Be sure to read the few simple rules, please. Everything is placed in a password protected directory to ward off the bandwidth stealers.

If you 'get lost', there's always a navigation section, either on the right side or the bottom of a page.

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